Mankayan open to potential investors

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MANKAYAN, Benguet – The municipal government welcomes potential investors  interested in establishing businesses in the municipality to help spur economic development that will generate jobs for qualified residents.

Mayor Frenzel A. Ayong stated that something must be done to help the municipal government in gradually and safely reviving the economy where one of the important aspects of the trade is to ensure that the municipality will be business friendly to attract investors to consider the town as a prospective investment haven.

He added that investors play a key role in generating jobs and economic activities beneficial in ensuring that people can have decent.

The local chief executive claimed that opening the municipality to prospective investors will definitely boost economic activities so that people can earn regular income.

However, he revealed that business activities in the municipality should continue to conform with the prevailing implementation of the minimum public health standards as one of the means to contain the rapid spread of the dreaded Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) because the local government does not want that there will be surges in COVID-19 cases that will affect the gains in trying to slowly revive the local economy.

Mankayan is one of the five first class municipalities in the province and is one of the three first class towns that rely on mining as one of the major sources of income.

Further, the 6 lowland barangays of the municipality are mineral-rich areas where large-scale and small-scale operations are underway while the 6 upland barangays are the known agricultural communities or vegetable-producing areas of the locality.

Mayor Ayong stipulated that the local government is willing to extend appropriate assistance to investors interested in establishing businesses in the municipality that can provide additional sources of income for the people living in the town’s 12 barangays.

The mayor admitted that the ongoing pandemic has significantly affected the operation of businesses in the different parts of the municipality although there were businesses that were able to thrive while farmers were able to sustain the production of agricultural crops that provided the steady supply of highland vegetables sold in the different parts of the country.

He expressed hope that investors will consider the municipality as part of their future expansion areas when the situation gets better so that more people can be gainfully to support their needs as they try to hurdle the difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic.

He said that other businesses in the locality should start thriving such as tourism-related endeavors to add up to the business activities that will be available not only for residents but also for potential investors wanting to pursue their trade. By HENT