Mall bats for awareness of PWD rights


BAGUIO CITY  – The giant chain of malls joined concerned agencies and local governments in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) as it recently conducted a seminar among its employees, mall tenants, affiliates and agency personnel on their role in caring for PWDs to assure proper handling of their needs.

Noli Vizcocho the founding president of Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP)- Baguio Chapter said that proper handling of person with autism contributes to their growth and wellness. He tackled about the understanding of spectrum disorder to symptoms, right approaches and techniques dealing with them.

According to Vizcocho, some of the symptoms include short attention span, talkativeness and lack of focus, and tirelessness, among others that requires proper handling or else the situation might be bad than expected.

“As SM aims to be the place for everyone despite of people’s diversity. We provided them information and guidelines on how to deal with person’s with autism and other disabilities to be successful on resolving their issues” Vizcocho said.

PWDs include individuals various physical and mental impairments that can hamper or reduce a person’s ability to carry out his day to day activities. These impairments can be termed as disability of the person to do his or her day to day activities.

The Special Education (SPED) team represented by Arthuro Abrena discussed and coached employees the basic sign language as their initial guide dealing with PWDs who can communicate using sign language.

The SM Cares for disability affairs headed by Engr. Bien C. Mateo, highlighted the efforts of the company to promote the well-being of PWDs, respect among others and taking parts to contribute to attain their aspirations in life. SM learned so much lesson from previous customer’s experiences that develops them to become more aware and caring to others.

“Together with PWDs, let’s create places and ways of life which are deeply human and let our programs and services attract others to also give importance to them. Let us inspire each of us!” Engr. Mateo said.

SM also presented their facilities for PWDs like designated parking spaces, PWD ramps, comfort rooms, areas in the cinemas, priority lanes and priority for elevator use to ensure that the mall was really a best place for everyone.

Karren Nobres, SM City Baguio public relations manager, claimed that the seminar on awareness of the rights of PWDs is part of the mall’s commitment to ensure that their employees and mall tenants will be able to properly handle the needs of PWDs patronizing their establishments.

“We will continue updating our employees and mall tenants on the latest guidelines to be issued by concerned government agencies on the proper handling of our PWD customers so that we will be able to make their visit to the mall memorable instead of ruining their visit,”Nobres stressed.

By Dexter A. See