Magalong’s core values for better governance

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“Good governance is founded on the core values of transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity.  A performance-based governance system shall be established to this effect. My service will be characterized by responsible leadership, humility, fairness and purity of intentions.”

Thus explained retired Philippine National Police Director Benjamin Magalong, when asked what he could do to better lives in the city of Baguio.

“I believe I have the leadership potential to lead the local government unit of Baguio and harness support of the private sector and community in resolving the present issues affecting the city – environment (waste management and pollution), traffic, drugs, and other peace and order problems. We also need to enhance and increase support to education, health, culture and arts.”

“Through technology, processes and systems of the various departments in the city government shall be integrated and automated to improve services to its constituents. There will be no need for residents to go to the City Hall to file for permits and other requisite applications. They can do it online and barangay halls will serve as extensions of the City Hall when processing their applications. Senior citizens will considerably benefit from this setup.”

“Mechanisms to address complaints related to government service and projects will be enhanced which would include feedbacks and quality assurance to complaints.”

Speeding-up government services. Government services must be made accessible, available, and affordable to the people. We must do away with policies that make our people wait in long lines just to be served, or told to return in vain for follow-up. We must make our constituents feel and experience government service at its finest.

Revitalizing the environment. The government must lead in efforts to intensify environmental protection, preservation, conservation, and the replenishment of dwindling resources. We will craft and execute long-term solutions that will assuredly provide the most appropriate solid and liquid waste management at the least possible expense. Our goal is simple: We must ensure that our constituents have clean air, safe residents.

Innovating peace and order condition. We will aspire for no less than the best possible peace and order management for Baguio, considering the city’s rapidly growing population. Modern innovative solutions including Safe Cities technology will be applied.

Aggressive traffic management. We have to devise a more effective traffic management system through a consistent application of the 4-Es – Enforcement, Engineering, Education and Enactment of appropriate legislation. Road discipline among motorists and pedestrians must be inculcated. Sidewalks will have to be re-designed and strictly used for people. Traffic signalization facilities should be well-maintained. Walking must be promoted.

Responsive education program. We should strengthen efforts that will sustain Baguio’s competence as center of quality education in all levels. We must be producing graduates well-trained for responsible citizenship, are morally conscious, and are capably equipped for the needs of business, industry, and the professions. Government strategies must advocate for the inclusion in the K-12 curricular program of subjects that instill good manners and right conduct and inculcate deeper knowledge of Cordillera culture and traditions. At the same time, we will support the upgrade of facilities and faculties, and the expansion of existing scholarship grants to deserving students. Furthermore, we should propagate the Alternative Learning System, encourage Technical-Vocational studies, and allot more scholarships for the financially challenged.

Empowering the youth. Our youth development programs must strive to make our children morally responsible and better prepared for adulthood. Development shall focus on leadership skills training, sports, and other diverse alternative programs. Our youths must be encouraged to participate in anti-crime, anti-drug, and anti-juvenile delinquency activities. Facilities will be established as youth convergence centers.

“I was born, raised and educated in Baguio, although my parents hail from Pangasinan. I grew up in the mountains surrounding the Binga, Tinongdan, Itogon areas. I studied in SLU Elementary School and Laboratory Boys’ High School; then, at the Philippine Military Academy where I graduated in March 1982.”

“My public life has been with the Philippine National Police, where I humbly ascended the ladder of command responsibility. The last three assignments I served are: Regional Director-Cordillera Police Office; Director-General of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group; and Deputy Chief for Operations until my retirement in December 2016.”

“As a private citizen, I served Steel Asia, Inc. as Senior Vice President for Operations up until November 1, 2018 for a possible re-entry into public life.”