LT residents complying with quarantine rules

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The leadership of the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station (LTMPS) disclosed that residents from the different barangays are now strictly adhering to the prescribed health and safety protocols during the prevalence of the community quarantine in most parts of the country to combat the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the municipality.

LTMPS chief of police Maj. Clef B. Vencio said that based on records of the different community police action centers located in strategic areas in the municipality, the number of individuals violating prevailing community quarantine guidelines and other related laws drastically declined which indicates that people were able to internalize the importance of complying with existing health standards and protocols.

He claimed that there were numerous violators of the curfew, liquor bn and the non-wearing of face masks at the height of the Luzonwide lockdown that was downgraded to general community quarantine (GCQ) and eventually to the prevailing modified GCQ but the situation had subsequently changed over the past several weeks.

Vencio pointed out that the decrease in the number of violators of existing ordinances and community quarantine guidelines only shows the inherent discipline of the people in complying with the existing community quarantine guidelines for fear of contracting the deadly virus that might compromise their health condition.

The police official stated that the LTMPS personnel will remain aggressive in the implementation of existing ordinances and health protocols to help the local government in informing and educating the people on the importance of keeping themselves free from the virus.

According to him, the LTMPS was able to engage the active participation of the members of the different Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams (BPATs), reservists and volunteers to help in monitoring the compliance of the residents to the exciting liquor ban on health and safety protocols for the benefit of helping reduce the spread of the virus among the people who are out of their homes for essential and indispensable needs.

Vencio expressed his gratitude to the support of the municipal government headed by Mayor Romeo K. Salda and Vice Mayor Roderick Awingan to the LTMPS in terms of additional resources and units of equipment as the same continues to serve as an inspiration and motivation for the local police force to work extra hard in maintaining law and order in the municipality aside from convincing people to adhere to the prevailing health and safety protocols.

Further, he also thanked the residents for their cooperation to the community quarantine rules that are being enforced and for understanding that the reason for the strict implementation of the said guidelines is for their own health and safety because the virus is now in the community awaiting for the time to infect people who are careless and refuse to wear their protective devices.

The LTMPS was recently adjudged as the Best Municipal Police station in the country replicating the previous achievement that was realized by the LTMPS several years ago when it got its first national award as the best in the country.

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Photo by Armando M. Bolislis