Latest Baguio data show COVID deaths, moderate, severe cases mostly unjabbed

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Most of the city’s coronavirus disease (COVID-19) deaths and moderate and severe cases from Aug. 18, 2021 were unvaccinated.

Latest data from the City Health Services Office and the UP Baguio Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science showed that of the 397 deaths recorded from Aug. 18 to January this year, 299 were unvaccinated.

The unjabbed also chalked up the highest fatality rate at 4.12 percent with 299 out of 7,255 total unvaccinated individuals who contracted COVID-19.

The city’s moderate and severe case records also comprised mostly of unjabbed individuals.

Out of the 329 moderate cases listed for said period, 180 were unvaccinated, 16 were not eligible for vaccination and 16 more were not fully vaccinated.

Of the 79 severe, 54 were unvaccinated and 3 were not eligible.

Fully vaccinated fatalities totaled 82 with 0.92 percent death percentage out of the 8,922 total cases.

The partially vaccinated group listed 7 fatalities and a total of 646 cases for a 1.08 percent death rate.

For the non-eligible, 6 deaths were recorded out of 2,718 cases for a 0.22 percent fatality rate.

Those with boosters had 3 deaths out of 1,519 cases or 0.20 percent death rate.

A mathematical computation of the city’s COVID-19 data also done by the UP-CMCS and the City Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the CHSO revealed that fully vaccinated individuals in the city have 252 times less chances of dying compared to the unvaccinated.

It further showed that the odds of dying among the unvaccinated are 109 times more than the vaccinated.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said these data only showed that vaccines delivered on the promise of preventing severe symptoms, hospitalizations and death.