Late enrollees in public schools still accepted


Students wanting to catch up with the lessons during the first days of classes can still enroll in their desired schools for their basic education even with the prevailing implementation of the education department’s blended learning.

May Eclar, regional director of the Cordillera office of the Department of Education, said that late enrollees in the different schools will still be accepted until November 21, 2020, provided that, they will be able to catch up with the lessons already completed by the learners through the blended learning pursuant to the established guidelines in accepting enrollees who still flock to the different schools even if classes already started.

Under the prevailing guidelines governing the number of days that must be completed by enrollees, pupils and students should attend at least 80 percent of the 205 days for the schoolyear to be able to internalize the lessons that had been prescribed for them by the education department.

Eclar stated the education department understands the difficulty of the learners in adjusting to the implementation of blended learning for the present schoolyear, but, classes must go on as scheduled and for adjustments to be done during the duration of the schoolyear so as not to further contribute in the delays in the resumption of classes.

The education official claimed that there is a continuous increase in the number of enrollees in the different public schools around the region even with the start of classes which shows there are still learners who still want to study through the various modes of learning offered by the education system so as not to delay their formal education.

She urged earners who have not yet decided in enrolling this schoolyear to immediately avail of the extended enrolment period and not to waste their precious time in completing their basic education.

According to her, education remains the best inheritance parents and guardians could give to their children as this will not be easily taken away from them and they can use acquired skills and knowledge in their lifetime.

On the other hand, Director Eclar claimed that enrollees in public schools are not mandated to pay any school fees when they have completed their enrollment because the payment of the prescribed school fees is voluntary and not mandatory.

She urged learners to avail of the most feasible mode of learning in their area and not to aspire for online learning if the internet signal in their places is not reliable, thus, the preferred mode is through the printed module where they can revisit their lessons during the schedule of their lessons.

Eclar asserted parents should properly guide their children in selecting the right modality under the blended learning to help their children adjust to the present situation and for them to be able to attend to their lessons without unnecessary delays in their studies for the schoolyear.

She added that the education department continues to monitor the conduct of classes in the different parts of the region to ensure that issues and concerns that may transpire during the school year so that timely solutions can be given for the benefit of the learners.

By Dexter A. See