Laity Cup Season 5: LTBIBC, LDS, Executive Mixers Join Early Winners


La Trinidad, Benguet – The La Trinidad, Benguet International Baptist Church (LTBIBC), Latter Day Saints and the Executive Mixers joined the rooster of early winners upon completion of last week’s games in the Laity Cup last Thursday, September 22, at the San Jose Gym, here.

The Latter Day Saints spanked host San Jose, 77-60, to post their second win in as many games to grab a share of solo first for the tournament. The Saints earlier came back from an early deficit to upend the Alliance Wonders, last September 1 for their first win.

It would not take long before LTBIBC posted a 101-93 win against McDonalds, Baguio-Benguet to also grab their second win for the tournament. LTBIBC earlier routed the Holy Knights, 84-64, on opening night. Both LTBIBC and the saints now tie the Wesleyans at the top of the team standings with a 2-0 win-loss card.

Meanwhile, the Executive Mixers began another crack at the Inter-office Bracket as they nipped the Legal Team, 70-64, to start their campaign on a high note. The Mixers won the first edition of the bracket, then known as the Special Tournament, last July 28. They now lead the team standings for the bracket.


Laity Cup Season 5
Inter-Religious Bracket
September 16, 2016
Teams GP Win Loss
Wesleyans 2 1 0
LTBIBC 1 1 0
Latter Day Saints 1 1 0
Immaculate Conception-Tabaao, Kapangan 1 1 0
Caliking Atok Youth Group 1 1 0
San Jose 2 1 1
Assembly of God 2 1 1
Sacred Heart 2 1 1
Don Bosco 1 0 1
Alliance Church Wonders 1 0 1
Nazarene School 2 0 2
Holy Knights 2 0 2
Laity Cup Season 5
Inter-Office Bracket
September 9, 2016
Teams GP Win Loss
Legal 1 1 0
Justice 1 0 1
DepEd Mentors


Sep 18, Sun (San Jose Gym):
1:30PM Caliking Atok Youth Group vs Immaculate Concepcion Taba-ao (inter-religious org);
3:00 Alliance Wonders vs Don Bosco Boys (inter-religious org).

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Results of previous games:

Sep 15, Thu (San Jose Gym):
Executive 70, Legal 64 (inter-office);
Latter Day Saints 77, San Jose 60 (inter-religious org);
LTBIBC 101, McDonalds 93 (inter-religious org).

Sep 18, Sun (San Jose Gym):
1:30PM Caliking Atok Youth Group vs Immaculate Concepcion Taba-ao (inter-religious org);
3:00 Alliance Wonders vs Don Bosco Boys (inter-religious org).
Sep 8, Thu (San Jose Gym):
Legal 104, Justice 92.

Sep 8, Thu (San Jose Gym):
Wesleyan 101, Nazarene School 72;
Caliking Youth Group 99, Sacred Heart 85;
Assembly of God 96, Holy Knights 88.

Sep 1, Thu (San Jose Gym):
Immaculate Conception Taba-ao Kapangan 96, Nazarene School 86;
San Jose 70, Don Bosco 68;
Latter-day Saints 79, Alliance Wonders 60.

Aug 25, Thu (San Jose Gym):
Wesleyans 102, Assembly of God 99;
Sacred Heart 75, San Jose 66;
LTBIBC 84, Holy Knights 64.

League description: Laity Cup organization is a basketball league group designed to empower the “laymen” of different churches to compete a common favorite sport and make them be better competitors and gain new friends through the battles of winning games.

Season 5, themed “Fellowship of the Ring”, is an inter-religious group tournament. It will, as usual, carry Laity Cup’s tradition of playing with Christian values. The Laity Cup organizers have since embarked on a challenge to take the favorite past time among member enthusiasts to another level.

Many participants of the league are simply basketball lovers who did not have a chance to compete in higher level competitions that are often marked by ardent urge for winning combined with physical confrontations due to its nature. Laity tried to elevate the competition a higher ground, that is a basketball played with passion and compassion, in its staging’s. The League tried to incorporate the true spirit of the avoidance of dealing unnecessary injuries to an opposing team while competing at the highest level to win the game.

Since the league came into existence, this concept became main theme of every season and became a tradition when participating teams often successfully carried it by going all out to win games with the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. The games were often completed with both teams benefiting from a good game and a great means to obtain exercise.

PLAY WITH PASSION AND COMPASSION. The Laity Cup traditionally conducts opening and closing prayer during their games as shown by host San Jose. Photo by Laity Cup.

“We are in this point in time because our past seasons made a mark worth pursuing. It’s a reality that basketball is a physical game. We can’t get away from physical contact but as Christian’s we can’t get away from expressing gesture of apology.” said Roderick Pacuyan, Laity Cup’s head organizer.

“One of the best expressions is when you bumped a player and (he) fell to the ground, lend a hand and pull him up; that is the best action to be taken; (it is the) best tangible evidence that we are playing as Christians. Let us (participants of season 5) strive more to become better as a league and most especially a better person. May this basketball league be a venue for change: A change for Better You!”, he continued.

The latest tournament completed by the league was the special tournament won by the Executive Mixers.