La Trinidad puts up children’s playground

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The municipal government is currently working out the establishment of a children’s playground within a portion of the municipal park to serve as a recreation center for the youngsters not only from the municipality but also from the whole province and the Cordillera.

Mayor Romeo K. Salda said that the local government appropriated some P800,000 for the purchase of some units of slides and other recreational equipment that will be installed in the children’s park to provide additional recreational facilities for the youth in the municipality.

He claimed that the purchased recreational equipment will be delivered and installed soonest so that the children’s park will be operational by summer for the children to be able to enjoy the summer vacation in the municipality.

“We also want to make sure that the units of recreational equipment that will be installed in our children’s park will be safe to prevent the occurrence of untoward incidents in the future that might compromise the safety of the children wanting to play in the said park,’  Mayor Salda stressed.

The local chief executive explained that the establishment of a children’s park within a portion of the municipal park fronting the municipal hall is part of the local government’s overall plan to improve its status as a multi-awarded child-friendly municipality and to provide children with the appropriate facilities where they could enjoy without moving out from the town.

According to him, the local government will assess and evaluate the initial operation of the children’s park so that it will be able to provide suitable recreational facilities for the youth in the limited space to allow the children to be able to enjoy their childhood days in the municipality.

La Trinidad has been a consistent awardee of the Search for Child-friendly cities and Municipalities which is being undertaken by the Office of the President through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Mayor Salda explained that the local government will make do with the available limited space to put up the children’s park in front of the municipal hall and will exert efforts to look for a much wider place for its relocation once it will be determined by experts that the space provided for such purpose will not be sufficient for the children to maneuver and for the possible increase in the recreational facilities that could be provided for the youngsters to patronize.

He urged the public to patronize the children’s park once the same will be operational but it should be the children who will be using the provided units of recreational equipment so that the same will not be immediately destroyed and for such equipment to serve their prescribed purposes to provide recreation to the children.

The municipal mayor expressed his gratitude to the people behind the realization of the put up of the children’s park, saying that there is a need for the local government to look for ways and means on how to maximize the utilization of the town’s limited spaces to be able to provide the needed services to the people living in the town’s 16 barangays and the day-time population from different parts of the Ilocos and Cordillera regions.

He claimed that the local government welcomes any proposal from the concerned sectors in the municipality to further improve the delivery of basic services and how the concerned offices could reach out to the town’s constituents in the name of transparent and accountable governance.

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