KPH Dialysis Ward caters to 27 patients

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Dialysis Ward of the Kalinga Provincial Hospital (KPH) this week is now catering to 27 patients receiving twice weekly dialysis procedure.

In a statement obtained from Marvel Kayfer Fejer, Head Nurse, St. Mary’s Kidney Care, they will be able to cater to 10 more patients since the ward now operates on two shifts from 8:00Am to 5:00PM.

Fejer also said that as of this moment, 93 inquiries were received from other kidney failure patients from the province wanting to get treatment from the KPH.

Fejer said not all patients can be accommodated. It will be an open session for Wednesday and Saturday because of the monitoring of the capacity of the Reverse Osmosis Filtration System and the dialysis machines.

Two of the 10 machines, he said, cannot be used as of the moment because they need to be calibrated. However, a technician from B/Braun Dialysis Center will be coming this week for the needed calibration.

In the interview, Fejer emphasized that he has no exact number of patients that can be accepted because of the “phasing period.” If the two machines are made available for use, a maximum of 40 patients can be accommodated in the ward (36 non-reactive for hepatitis and 4 reactive for hepatitis B).

The ward, he said, could also accept 30 more patients if it will be a treatment sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which at present is reserved for emergency dialysis procedures only.

“Once all the machines are stable, and the ward is in a plateau period, third shift will be opened to cater to 30 more dialysis patients,” he disclosed. By Darwin S. Serion