Kiangan enforces strict segregation of waste


KIANGAN, Ifugao –  The Municipal Ecological Solid Waste Management Office (MESWMO) is now strictly implementing the segregation of waste materials by the households following the  conduct of  trainings  and information, education campaign in this town.

The policy involves the segregation of the households of their residual, recyclable, biodegradable and special wastes. Unsegregated wastes will not be collected.

Collection schedules have been set and dropping centers where the garbage are collected have been identified in the four center barangays. Garbage should be brought out only to the dropping centers on the set schedules to avoid penalties.

There are five dropping centers established in Barangay Poblacion, three each in barangays Ambabag,  Pindongan and  Tuplac.

Collection time is set at 8:00 AM- 10:00 AM every Tuesdays for residual waste and every Thursdays for recyclable and special wastes. There is no collection for biodegradable wastes as these should be composed at home as much as possible.

The MESWMO informed the households that they should bring out their garbage to their respective dropping centers at 7:00 AM- 8:00 AM ready for collection at the scheduled time.

Residual waste include styro-foams, cigarette butts, worn out plastic sacks, dirt from sweepings, worn out rags, sanitary napkins, disposal diapers, barber or parlor shop waste, plastic straws, household medicine bottles, broken ceramic, colored broken glass and coco fiber from cushions.

Recyclable waste include dry sando bags/junk food/candy wrappers, dry papers, plastic materials, tin and aluminum cans, iron steel, glass bottles, plastic bottle cap toner cartridges, PVC pipes, car batteries, broken TV set and home appliances and broken furniture.

The special waste include paint/thinner containers, spray canisters, household batteries, pharmaceutical waste like medicine foils, expired medicines, expired cosmetics, broken tiles/lamps, book cases, beds and cushions, rubber tires and oil filters.

The municipal government is collecting a P50/month garbage fee from every household to help shoulder the cost of garbage collection and hauling of these waste materials to the dumpsite.

This is also in support to the long time project of the municipal government called “Kiangan An Malini Ya Maphod” or KAYAM 24/7 which means “Kiangan Always Clean and Good 24 Hours.”

The MESWMO is urging  all households to adopt as a routine the reduction, re-use and recycling of their waste materials as there is no bigger sanitary landfill available to dump all the garbage and waste materials of the municipality.