Keep on Learning


When we finally got our respective college degrees, we are ready to take on the world… or are we?

Perhaps, we were partially prepared but not totally. Maybe this is one of the reasons why, during the graduation at Stanford University, Steve Jobs chose to say, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

We have to keep on learning even and especially after graduation.

So how can we keep our learning wheels spinning? Aside from attending formal classes in school which you may still do, you can also to consider these three suggestions:

  1. Read content rich materials.

In this information age, we have access to gargantuan of information. We just have to select them carefully. Personally, through the internet, I have access to wealth of information and wisdom from wise people. For example, I am able to learn more about leadership from John Maxwell through his writings. I am also able to learn more about high performance from Brendon Burchard from his videos. They have helped millions of people around the globe – I’m one of them!

In this age, we almost cannot complain. We just have to capitalize on this easy access through a simple click of a mouse button or a simple tap on your tablets. We also just have to be very selective. If you are tired of reading, there are good videos to watch or audio recordings to listen to.

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of information on the web, you can pick up a good book free from other distractions on the web. Just to give a few examples: Last Monday, I finished reading Burchard’s book Motivation Manifesto. Last month, I read Is Your Love Tank Empty by Bo Sanchez and How to Become a Happy Retiree by Dean Pax Lapid. There are still other books which sometimes sleep with me in my bed.

  1. Attend seminars.

Just like reading, we also learn a lot by attending seminars. Through talks and presentations, experienced experts in the industry share what they have been using that led them to success and also the learning they got from their mistakes. Seminars and conferences are wonderful avenues to learn from other’s experiences.

Another cool benefit of attending seminars is that you are able to meet new people across walks of lives. You can meet new friends and even new clients or business partners. You can even have the chance to meet up-close and shake the hands of inspiring great men and women. At a conference just last January 24, I met Robin Sieger – an international speaker and bestselling author – who flew all the way from UK. I also shook the hands and took a selfie with Atty. Alex Lacson, author of the bestselling book 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country. It was also another opportunity to learn more from good friends who were also speakers in the conference – author Sha Nacino and entrepreneur Trixie Barretto-Esguerra.

In my experience, there is always a magic when you meet someone you look up to in person. The teachings you used to hear suddenly comes more alive and even push you to apply them much more to your life with more energy and enthusiasm.

  1. Join worthwhile organizations.

You do not have to do it alone. People you will meet in certain organizations can help you move closer to your goals.

My personal example is Toastmasters. Because I wanted to become a better communicator and leader, I joined this international organization that is known for its learn-by-doing workshops and constructive evaluations. Since June of 2010, I have been gaining tons of learning and improved my skills from being so shy and reserved to where I am right now who is able to speak in front without stumbling on stage and share stories openly when needed to convey a message, or present in meetings in the presence of top managers with different nationalities.

In alignment to your goals…

In all those three, you go back to your goals and see how you can grow closer to it. See what are the skills and knowledge necessary to catapult you to the place where you wanted to go. From there, you can select which materials to read, which seminars to attend, and which organizations to join. Align them to the goals that you want to achieve.

And when we do…

There are opportunities where we can hasten our growth. There are opportunities for us to keep on learning. And when we learn, we are more equipped in achieving our dreams and in helping others achieve their dreams.

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