Kalinga police hold anti-illegal drugs, insurgency forum in schools


TABUK CITY, Kalinga,  – The Provincial Public Safety Company here has started to visit barangays and schools to discuss government’s anti- illegal drugs , anti-terrorism and anti-insurgency campaigns.

Police Senior Superintendent (PSSupt) Brent Madjaco, Kalinga Provincial Police Office director, on Wednesday said two teams were already dispatched, and so far, have visited 10 schools.

“They have already gone to 10 schools where they lectured on the topic and will be visiting the other schools,” Madjaco said.

Madjaco explained that the school-based symposium is necessary as curious teenagers are highly targeted by illegal drug traders in the province, particularly in this city.

“Record will show that in most of the operations since the start of the intensified anti-illegal drug operation in the province, there is a big involvement of the youth,” he said.

The instructions on the conduct of the forum is to focus on the negative effects of illegal drugs to mental, psychological and physical health of a person.

With the theme, “Iligal na droga ating sugpuin, upang mga pangarap kayang abutin”, the group highly focuses on the effects of illegal drugs to the family, friends and community which lead to financial problem, trouble in school including work-related problems, and abuse to family members especially the children.

They also emphasize on illnesses like heart failure, stroke, cancer, HIV or AIDS and other incurable diseases which a drug user can be afflicted with.

Madjaco said “in the few days of conducting the symposium, we have learned that many students have zero knowledge in the physical features of illegal drug. They do not even know the image of a marijuana plant considering that Kalinga is one of the sources of marijuana which are being supplied or transported to other places.”

The lecture also include the classification of illegal drugs being traded in the province which include the cannabis or marijuana and shabu.

“We warn the students not to involve themselves in any transaction involving illegal drugs like trading, cultivating and using illegal drugs.” he said.

Pamphlets containing all the information about illegal drugs are also distributed.

Students are also encouraged to report to authorities unscrupulous individuals dealing with illegal drugs.

Insurgency and anti- terrorism are also tackled in the on-going symposium. Based on the theme “kabataan gumising ka, Manggagawa at iba pang sector huwag hayaang iligaw ka”, they encourage students not to believe in black propaganda of the left as they share the testimonies of former rebels who lived in the mountains and experienced the life of geting sick without receiving medical aid, extreme hunger, family problems and even near death.

The police is asking students to focus on their studies and concentrate on achieving a good future.

By Jesse Maguiya