Institutionalization of community tour guiding proposed

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The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved on first reading a proposed ordinance institutionalizing the community tour guiding program to boost the city’s tourism initiatives.

Under the said program, residents shall be oriented and trained to act as tour guides in various tourist and historical sites in the city.

Further, the program will aggressively promote awareness and appreciation of the city’s tourist and historical sites not only for tourists but also for the residents alike.

The ordinance stated that residents around the areas where the tourist spots are located such as Burnham Park, Mines view Park, Botanical Garden, Lourdes Grotto and other sites frequented by visitors shall be given preference in the selection of the trainees for the program.

Moreover, the City Tourism Office shall lead in the implementation of the aforesaid program as it shall formulate the guidelines and provide the required trainings with the assistance of the Department of Tourism.

The ordinance stipulated that the initial funding to sustain the implementation of this program shall be sourced from funds of the city government and that succeeding funding requirements shall be included in the annual budget of the City Tourism Office.

Local legislators pointed out that tour guiding shall serve as one of the city government’s livelihood programs to generate income for the residents who are still striving hard to rise up from the heavy impact inflicted by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

For the past several decades, Baguio City has been one of the prime tourist destinations in the country and that its geographical location, cool climate, historical, heritage and cultural sites, warm people, majestic natural sceneries, special events and the uniquely Cordilleran way of life offer an enchanting experience to tourists.

The ordinance recognized that tourism help boost the city’s economy and contribute to the ongoing efforts of the city government to create jobs and enhance economic activities aside from serving as a major source of revenue for the local government and the people.

Moreover, tourism brings in income and employment thus it is one industry that fuels the city’s progress and development.

The ordinance emphasized that the city’s vibrant tourism activities must be complimented with able community tour guides or persons who may not necessarily be professionals but who are well -equipped to provide tour guide services at par with the professionals.

The ordinance pointed out the need for the to sustain its identity as the country’s undisputed Summer Capital through the efforts of the tour guides who will ensure that visitors are able to help in preserving and protecting the environment that is maintaining the city’s natural air conditioning loved by foreign and domestic visitors in the city.