Illegal Gambling At Abra Congressman’s Compound Under Probe

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BAGUIO CITY – Alleged illegal gambling operations right inside Abra lawmaker Joseph Bernos in his hometown La Paz in Abra is undergoing close scrutiny, both the Cordillera police promised at the midst of unceasing tips of illegal games like the dice game “dado” and even cockfighting are held.

Abra police director Col. Cris Acop said they have also been receiving such tips but only to find out as just “a figment of imagination” and “dirty tricks” purportedly to malign the lawmaker. “It would be a serious security nightmare if (Rep) Bernos would allow such in his own compound,” the police official said.

Bernos, chairman of the House Committee on Games and Amusements, had plainly dismissed such tips as “rumors and issues hatched against him by people who are doing nothing these days.”

While Cordillera police director Brig. Gen. R’win Pagkalinawan is treating such tips as “not true as it came without strong evidence.”

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An anonymous texter had stated that even the Abra Police Intelligence chief Col. Michael Claro, the La Paz town chief of police and even the provincial Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) head are “on the take” just to keep quiet.

It was also alleged that cockfighting, still not allowed under the guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force Covid-19, are happening inside Rep. Bernos’ compound in La Paz. Bets would reach up to P300,000.00, the tipster claimed.

We have even deployed drone cameras just to capture any illegal activity in the compound but it turned out as a fake information, Col. Acop claimed.

“Dado”, a betting game using a set of dice, which is popular in Abra province, is also being played at the said illicit gaming and gambling operation. Betting on the results National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs also are played on the side at the said compound.

Brig. General Pagkalinawan though advised those who can capture illegal activities in the said compound to send to him pictures of the allegations. “Until we get evidence, we are treating your report as false,” though he vowed to relieve commanders and intelligence officers once he gets hold of evidences of illegal activity inside Rep. Bernos’ premises.

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