Ifugaos contribute to enhance Baguio culture


BAGUIO CITY – The diversed culture of the city continues to get a big boost from various indigenous peoples coming from the different parts of the country who contribute in making the Summer Capital the melting pot of various tribes with a history of culture and traditions.

The latest tribe to make waves in the city are the Ifugaos who worked out the institutionalization of Ifugao Day every April in order to inspire local residents and visitors to have a glimpse of the rich Ifugao culture that have transcended through generations.

Last April 30, Ifugao natives from all over Northern Luzon, who are also members of the Baguio-based Metro Baguio Ifugao Development Cooperative, paraded along Session road and converged at the Melvin Jones grandstand to publicly showcase the rich Ifugao culture that ranged from songs, dances, rituals, indigenous games among others that gained the attention of the people and even visitors alike.

Modesto B. Imayaho, MBIDC chair, said the conduct of the annual Ifugao Day in the city will greatly help in significantly educating the present and future generations of Filipinos living in the city on the rich culture and traditions of the Ifugao natives that helped them build the famous Ifugao rice terraces which eventually earned the title of the Eighth Wonder of the World.

“Our cooperative will definitely spouse on the preservation and protection of our culture and traditions so that we will be able to pass on the same to the future generations of Ifugaos amidst inter-marriages,” Imayaho stressed.

According to him, the MBIDC, which has an initial membership of 1,600, envisions to be a transparent and functioning cooperative composed of united Ifugaos, nurturing and assisting each other in promoting the good indigenous culture and Christian way of life.

“The MBIDC plans to effectively and efficiently implement human and community development programs to contribute in enhancing the person’s social, political, economic, environmental, cultural and spiritual way of life,” Imayaho added.

Furthermore, the cooperative aims to promote principle-driven human resource development and transformation, understanding unity and cooperation of members; render assistance to members who are in need through credit and other means, especially in times of emergency; encourage active participation in the discussion of current issues affecting members in Metro Baguio, making a definite stand and recommendation on such issues that tend to arise; promote understanding and respect to the good “not against Christian and Biblical principles”  indigenous culture and traditions of the Ifugaos.

Imayaho explained the establishment of the MBIDC was based on the ideals and principles of sharing, unity and the practical application of team spirit, unselfish service and cooperative performance.

Qualified members to the MBIDC are natives of Ifugao either by blood or affinity and friends of Ifugaos living in the e different parts of Northern Luzon. The cooperative is based at the PCCI Building, Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City.

Aside from Imayaho who is the Board Chairman, other members of the MBIDC Board of Directors are Gaspar A. Cayat – Vice Chairman; Dionisio D. Padio, David M. Dumangeng, Raul T. Ballogan; Patricia C. Dumaguing – Board Secretary; and that the position of treasurer remains vacant.

By Dexter A. See