How Does Growth Happen?


Have you ever wondered why some people grow wiser while others simply grow older?

Have you observed a pattern in the lives of successful men and women as to how they seem to be growing on and on as they continue to make contributions to the community, and despite their age, they don’t seem to grow older?

Have you ever asked yourself how does growth happen?

I have also been asking those questions. And combining my three decades of experience and learning from great men and women, I attempted to codify how growth happens.

Today, let me share with you what I call the Growth Code.

The Growth Code presents three fruits: growth in competence, growth in confidence, and growth in compass (values and vision).

The seed to be planted that shall bear these fruits is YOU — who you are, what you have, what you know, what you can do, and who you can be.

To plant your seed, you need good soil and nutrients which shall come in the form of people (circles of support and stretch), programs, and platform.

Finally, to nurture the seed and reap the fruits, you need three farming guides — actualization, attendance, and alignment.

This was what I talked about yesterday at the Growth Summit 2019! I hope I will get to share it with you lengthily and in depth in a book soon.

Let us grow together!

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