GT Quest bows to Masters, Reunite deny Sunday School win


BAGUIO CITY – Not so with beginners luck! The Masters Ballclub’s’ first inning at the 9th YMCA Cup was a success bagging their first win over GT Quest on the first game Monday night 84 – 59, for bracket M, outscoring GT Quest all throughout the game to the fourth canto of play 19-14, 24-21, 25-12,16-12.

Masters Head Coach Erick Keith, having a hard time with his player combinations on the second canto of play with a three points advantage pulled off the right combination on the third canto with a 25-12 run giving a better advantage for the team. Masters top scorers were; B. Llorente – 27, P. Publico – 20, R. Banco-9, R.Dela Rosa-8, M.Urmaza-6, C. Deogracias-6, C.Onoza-4 R.Banc0-2.and Geloso-2. On the other hand, GT Quests’ S. Ngudlo scoring high for his team connected 24 pts, D. Maurera- 12, E.Capillan-4, Soriano-4, Vera-4, Baron-3, Valdez-3, Alonzo-3.

Meanwhile, Reunite also denied the Sunday school of their first win in Bracket C, outscoring the ballclub 22-7, 30-22 at the end of the first half of play. Sunday school however recovered with a 34-23 run to stay on the game 53-52 on the third canto however collapsed on a 29-14 blast by Reunite on the fourth canto of play leaving the win to Reunite 104-67 at end time.

Tallying their first win also in Bracket C is Kuya Ponz against the YMCA BBC on the Opening Day of the league 78 – 67, while the Admirals ruled over the DSWD also on opening day 62 -57, to post their first win in Bracket A.


Team Standings

Bracket “Y” GP Win Loss %
King Tigers        


Bracket “M” GP Win Loss %
CVG 0      
Life Savers 0      
Basketball Stars 0      
BWD –A 0      
Teleperformance 0      
GT Quest 1   1 0.0001
Masters 1 1   1.0000


Bracket  “C” GP Win Loss %
BBC 1   1 0.0001
Sunday School 1   1 0.0001
SWAGGS 0      
Knights 0      
Reunite 1 1   1.0000
Kuya Ponz 1 1   1.0000
50’s Dinners 0      

















Bracket “A” GP Win Loss %
Admirals 1   1 0.0001
St. Peter 0      
BWD – B 0      
Team YMCA 0      
Basketball Club 0      
DSWD 1 1   1.0001
King Louise FS 0      
Strawberry Pickers 0      



Games Schedule:


June 17, 2015 (Wednesday)

7:00 PM                (A)                          King Louise FS vs. YMCA Basketball Club

8:30                        (C)                          Reunite  vs. 50’s Dinners


June 19, 2015 (Friday)

7:00 Pm                (A)                          BWD – B  vs. St.Peter

8:30                        (M)                        BWD – A  vs. Masters


June 21, 2015 (Sunday)

1:00 Pm                (M)                        Teleperformance vs.  Life Savers

2:30                        (C)                          SWAGG vs.  Knights

4:00                        (M)                        Basketball Stars vs. CVG