Gonzales rules Lion King of the Mountain Bike Challenge

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Baguio City – Baguio’s John Thomas Gonzales of Opus Land Inc., pedalled unopposed to clinch the Lion King crown in the Manager’s category during the Lion King of the Mountain Bike Challenge 2019 held on May 18, 2019. The race started in Urdaneta, Pangasinan and ended at Lake Drive, Burnham Park, here.

Also in the list of winners are Albert Ong, a close second in the master’s category, and Kriston Lee Fuchigami, third placer in the manager’s category.

Eisset Liwag of 2600 tri team of Baguio took home the crown in the Women’s category while Erika Bulatao, also from Baguio, was second.

LION KING BIKER WINNERS. (From left) Philip Pacle, Lion King of the Mountain Bike Challenge Race Organizer and Race Director, posses with Kriston Lee Fuchigami, JT Gonzales, the event’s champion, Alexander Billan, and Caron Sepulchre, Renderfarm Sports administrator. Contributed photo.

The 83 pedal pushers who participated the event all clamored to be crowned Lion King in their respective ctegory started with a rolling pace of about 25-30 km/h as a warm-up in the 30km ride until reaching Rosario junction.

Here the categories has been released every 5 mintues after. The first wave is the women’s category followed by Youth (Amateur) then followed by Open (Elite) group. The fourth wave is the Master’ and Manager’s Category.

The cyclists climbed the inclining and zigzag Kennon Road that seemed exclusively reserved for them as it was still closed to the public until the finishline at Burnham Park.

Philip Pacle of Renderfarm Sports is all praise to the teams’ effort handled the accident free 65km bike challenge. “The participants, specially those who experienced Kennon Road for the first time, felt awesome after crossing the finish line,” Pacle said “and they were also delighted to get the glass crafted finisher’s medal,” he quipped.

Armando Bautista, former ICFP Sec Gen of Karerang Pinoy, noted the potential of the youth who might become a member of the national team if they will pursue their dream.

Eastern Telecoms supported the event while KM6 provided the the refreshments.

The participants to the event came from Nueva Vizcaya, Tabuk, Quezon City, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Baguio and Manila.

The complete roster of winners:

Open category: 1st: Gamido Jr. (1:35.1); 2nd Richard Jabunan, Jr (1:36.3); 3rd Maynard Pecson (1:37.42).

Master’s category: 1st Resty Aragon (1:46.37); 2nd Albert Ong (1:47.01); 3rd Jeofry Sodng (1:47.03).

Youth category: 1st Justine Garcia 1:47.41; 2nd Jeron Lopez 1:51.03; 3rd Alec Jan Lopez (1:51.04).

Women’s category: 1st Eisset Liwag (2:09.07); 2nd Erika Bulatao (2:19.12); 3rd Jasmin Condes (5:46).

Manager’s category: 1st John Tomas Gonzales (1:53.24); 2nd Alexander Billan (2:4.05); 3rd Kriston Lee Fuchigami (2:14.27).

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