Getting things done the sensible way


Getting Grounded, while apparently reaching for higher heights, shouldn’t be much of a big deal, when striving to accomplish things the way they should. But, seemingly and sadly enough, not for some perpetually looking out for something to poke into. Already, the bickering buzz-out is engaging much talk about how this loser has trained his sight on things he’s missed out when on the saddle. Talk of a sour-graping washed-out whose loss he still couldn’t figure out. Or accept, like all good-natured pure-hearted wannabe’s do.

But folks, let’s not dignify him and his constant bickering of what could have been. Much water and tears under the bridge, that’s what the belly-aching is all about. Waste of time really to get everything sidetracked, just because. Waste of time to figure out where in the world he has been these past 30 days. Of course, he’ll never be in acceptance that change is sweeping across the land, positively raising our expectations that better days are now hereabouts. Pause and ponder? No sir, the time for that has all been wasted during your time.

And while we’re at it, just by way of unsolicited advice, perhaps the Apo Mayor may find time amid the on-the-ground, looking-over sorties he’s been making without let-up, to mind over the Eco-Green City that the past admin has begun, lamentably at the tail-end of its tenure. Getting Baguio to be that, as a possible qualifier, and a worthy recipient of Green funding support from meritorious MNCs — yes, the big boys in the Green Club worldwide — is worth the effort, now that environmental rehabilitation has become a rallying word anywhere else.

If we can pry open and let loose direly needed funding support for Eco-Green projects, why not indeed. A long, arduous walk past major roadblocks along the way? Of course, the effort is never a walk in the park, something to breeze through with ease. Of course, so many things are serious challenges along the way. But, considering the big stakes at hand, all the more should we plod on, push further, and reach literally for the stars, while keeping ourselves grounded.

That is why, despite the seemingly hard days, weeks, even months ahead, we advocate even more so for the Eco-Green Baguio that we’ve been striving for these past many years. After all, we’ve been hollering since way, way back for us to get going despite the maze of environmentally challenging issues. About time we look globally, while acting locally.

About time, we invest more time and effort to help the city in every way reasonably possible. About time that no stone be left unturned for all of us in government and non-government sectors to get ourselves consecrated towards the identified goal. We do know the difficulty in meriting substantial global support for specifically-designated eco-green projects. We do realize that intentions are never enough, no matter how pure and unstained, for everyone on board to remain focused, unaffected by differing perspectives from where we are.

Time and again have we advocated for nothing less than a dynamic public-private partnership that can endure the test of time, even far beyond the borders of territorial demarcations. Far too long has Baguio’s pristine but precariously growing environment been at grave peril, long before Boracay and now Manila Bay have merited national attention. And far too long has Baguio’s green projects been in doldrums, not because of lack of persistence on the part of our leaders, not because of lack of funding considering Baguio’s financial strength. Where we have been these past several years, decades even, could have resulted from far too many cooks dipping into so many sauce, blithely unaccepting of time’s punishing effects. Too much time had whizzed by, while the difficulties of many years ago have festered to put us where we are.

In fact, our experience way back in 2016 — just three years back — should have sufficed to make us pause and ponder if advocating for somethings to get going is worth the brickbats thrown our way. Recall dear reader that we have gone on a limb just propagating the use of solar energy as a worthy cheaper alternative to power lighting needs, as exemplified by the simple amenities of lighting up the Cathedral grounds. We then followed it up by introducing electric-powered public vehicles on thoroughfares within the CBD area, hopeful that government support for transport innovations would come in from enlightened policies. All for naught, disappointingly.

But no matter. We have since cast these memories aside this time, opting to work it out with our government policy makers, whose involvement and passion we share. No doubt, it is time to walk the talk, no matter that it’s all taking place in an election season. Again, we raise what the stakes are: to initiate and craft the benchmarks for eco-green programs and projects worthy of invaluable support and assistance from the multinational companies that have had proven global reputation in helping advance local governments that are striving for projects involved in climate change adaptation, disaster resiliency, environmental upgrade, and clean energy application. Global support will certainly go a long way in eliciting the financial wherewithal for eco-green environmental aspirations.

What seems gladdening is the convergence of public-private interests to finally get Baguio well on the road to environmental progress, rather than on the wings of degradation that has been the bane these many years. Lest it is ignored, we have the unique character of being an environmentally-resourced highly urbanized and modernizing upland city that has had its share of urban difficulties common to similarly-situated human settlements anywhere else. All it takes is the will power to get things done in perhaps far better ways than ever thought of. All it takes are leaders whose vision run miles beyond their noses, whose will to do things right, and fast, stays well-grounded, unshaken by petty, gutter-type remarks meant to hinder and hamper and hamstring.

As a people, we have the strengths that have historically been our chief asset in getting things done, despite the odds besetting us every step of the way. As leaders, we should all the more feel challenged to remain steadfast and stay the course, to sidetrack issues of less consequence, to offer middle grounds where attitudes and interests can capably converge, to argue from commonly shared interests, disregarding whatever feelings are bruised or waylaid.

Lest we forget, it is time to realize that progress comes to those who work the hardest. Yes, let’s show the way to it, leading from the heart, working ourselves to the bone by the time-tested recipe of hard, honest work done in teamwork, in unity, and in genuine love for Baguio. Less than that is simply empty talk, not worth the walk at all, not deserving of history’s kind judgment. Apo Mayor, you have our back, as we have yours. Back-biters are not worth the bother.