Experts conduct geohazard study in Mankayan

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MANKAYAN, Benguet – The municipal government recently requested private geologists to conduct a geohazard study of certain areas within the center of the municipality that could be further developed to enhance economic activities that will pave the way for the revival of the local economy.

Mayor Frenzel A. Ayong stated that determining the geological stability of the municipal plaza area will guide municipal officials in deciding whether or not the area could still be further developed to contribute in the overall efforts of the government and the private sector to spur local economic activities.

He disclosed that the results of the geological study, which is expected to be completed this week, will guide planners on the magnitude of development that can be undertaken in the area.

The municipal chief executive earlier requested the management of Itogon Suyoc Resources, Inc. (ISRI) to allow their geologists to assist the local government in the conduct of the geological study of the area and to make the appropriate recommendations on the mitigating measures to be put in place to allow the introduction of significant development projects in the place to improve the business climate in the area.

ISRI is a subsidiary of the Davao-based Apex Mining Company, Inc. that currently operates the Sangilo mine in Itogon town, one of the mineral-rich towns in Benguet.

According to Mayor Ayong, the municipal government intends to introduce appropriate development projects in the town’s business center to improve economic activities that will be instrumental in allowing more economic activities to sources of livelihood for the people.

The mayor expressed that the present administration is eager to implement the needed development in the town’s central business district area because there are still prospects on the sources of funds to pursue these.

He reported that the municipal government will not allow that the development of the municipality to stagnate as the people need at this time activities for them to cope up with the serious negative effect of the ongoing pandemic and that the same should not be unduly delayed by outside factors.

Mankayan is one of the two first-class municipalities located in northern Benguet that sources its funds from both agriculture and mining because of the presence of large-scale mining companies that have existed in the municipality for more than a century.

Ayong expressed his gratitude to ISRI management under the leadership of president and chief executive officer Louie R. Sarmiento and AMCI Vice President for Geology and Exploration Eric Andal for allowing their experts to visit the municipality and extend assistance in the conduct of the required geological study to ascertain the stability of the desired places and to make the recommendations on the mitigating measures that should be put in place to ensure the stability of the structures that will soon rise in the town’s central business district area. By HENT