Fianza bats for revision of Baguio’s master plan


BAGUIO CITY  – A local legislator is pushing for the updating and eventual revision of the city’s comprehensive master development plan that will expire by the year 2022 so that it will conform with the prevailing tend of the times.

Councilr Peter C. Fianza, chairman of the City Council Committee on Education, Culture and Historical Research, said that the year 2019-2022 is critical because it will be the period wherein the programmed projects under the city’s master development plan will be implemented prior to the possible amendment or revision of the plan to redirect the city’s possible direction in the future.

“We have to continue consulting stakeholders on how to work out the appropriate amendments to the city’s master development plan taking into consideration the prevailing situation in the city” Councilor Fianza stressed.

The alderman said that matters on the environment, housing, peace and order, traffic management, health and sanitation among major issues confronting the city today will be part of the amendments that will be incorporated in the master plan so that it will be able to address the present problems of the present generation of local residents.

According to him, much had been done in the existing comprehensive master development plan that will expire after three years that is why stakeholders must prepare for the introduction of the needed changes to the plan to suit whatever the situation that will arise once the time to change and revise the plan will come to the fore.

Councilor Fianza pointed out the importance of getting the sentiments, views, suggestions and recommendations of all stakeholders so that the product of the updated comprehensive master development plan will conform with what the people want and what is the prevailing situation in the city so that Baguio will have a revitalized direction in the future.

He added that among the possible revisions that will be done will focus on the vision and mission of the local government so that it will be at part with the Philippine Development Plan so that the plight of the people for a well-balanced ecology will be effectively and efficiently addressed and given emphasis.

Under the provisions of Republic Act (RA) 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government code of the Philippines, all local government units are mandated to prepare their short, medium and long-term development plans after the new set of local officials shall have assumed office.

Fianza remains optimistic that stakeholders will be able to contribute their knowledge on how to improve the existing comprehensive master development plan that will conform with the prevailing trend of the times so that all issues and concerns affecting the city will be addressed through the programs, projects and interventions that will be provided by concerned government agencies and the local government for a better Baguio city in the coming years.

Fianza is seeking the position of vice mayor in his capacity as an independent candidate which he had been in the position for even as a member of the local legislative body.

By Dexter A. See
Banner photo by Armando M. Bolislis