Estrañero challenges city employees to do better for 2022

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – With the start of the New Year, City Mayor Darwin Estrañero, in his message to city government staff during this year’s first flag raising ceremony, called on the public servants to serve the people better.

“We enthusiastically welcome the year 2022 with high aspirations in our hearts and thoughts, as well as a vision of wealth, peace, and happiness in our lives,” the mayor said.

Estrañero went on to say that he believes most of the employees did a lot of introspection and soul searching to figure out what could be altered or rejuvenated in their roles as government service providers.

“There are many challenges ahead, but the greatest of these is on us as the human resource capital of the city government, as well as other line agencies, and that amidst all of these is for us to renew ourselves in terms of values and attitudes so that we can deliver the quality of service to the people whom we owe our trust and confidence,” he said, adding that this is since government wages came from the people’s tax.

The city mayor also stated that the relationship with the Almighty, which he believes should be strengthened this year, is the first and main element that needs to be renewed.

That everyone should bear the word of God while they do their jobs.

Another is that everyone should increase and sustain their commitments to the people whom they are duty obligated to serve and that by performing better in the office, to their fellow employees and the public is a representation of that commitment.

According to Estrañero, the third item that needs to be renewed is everyone’s sense of patriotism, which may be demonstrated simply by donning Filipiniana clothes on the first Monday of each month as directed by the Civil Service.

Patriotism, he said, could also be demonstrated by following the National Anti-Drug Abuse Council’s  rules or by participating in peace and order movements.

“We should not just talk about our advocacy, we should act on it,” he stated.

“If we can accomplish that, if we can give our constituents the best service possible, that is a demonstration nga ar-aramiden tayu ti trabaho tayu,” he remarked.