“Enhanced quarantine” should be taken seriously as more NBA players tested positive


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For those who hadn’t been hit by reality yet, evidences from the NBA should be an example why you need to get to your senses.

The continuous surfacing of positive cases in the NBA is giving all of us a clue on how this virus thrives and how to help break its spread.

Close contact between people is becoming more and more proven to be the main culprit of the thriving of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and the Social Distancing, Cough Etiquette and Washing of Hands measures currently enforced by the Philippine Government are on target.

A series of COVID-19 positive tests in the NBA is one of the evidences that clearly points to the truthfulness of this then theory, now more of fact.

The latest of which are Kevin Durant and three Brooklyn Nets, Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics, Detriot Piston Christian Wood, a Denver Nugget, three Philadelphia 76ers “members” and two Lakers.

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz, were earlier tested positive for the virus.

The Jazz player Gobert appears to be the origin of the virus that spread through the league.

During the 14-day incubation period of the disease leading up to the date of Gobert’s test, all teams of the league have played against the Jazz or a team that had played against the Jazz.

The sprouting positive cases from other teams in a prime league from a progressive country where health care is excellent should be enough to remind everyone not to downplay the possible spreading of the disease in the locality.

If transmission can happen there, it can also happen anywhere. And what happened to them should push us in the Cordilleras to be careful whenever we are out of our houses and for ourselves to avoid contact with others whenever possible.

The Cordilleras are blessed in that, except for Abra, no province or city has yet to deal with a positive COVID-19 case as of writing of this piece.

The one thing we, as a community, can learn from some of our favorite players in the NBA in the middle of this crisis is the lesson provided by their current experience of COVID-19 transmission.

This trail of transmission by becoming in contact through playing basketball should be enough to remind us that social distancing is a good tool to cut the bridge that serves as a transfer of the virus from one host to another.

Attaining of social distancing, though, is relatively hard as everyone’s cooperation is really needed and being in close contact with another human in some cases is absolutely necessary for one to survive.

Another experience that could give us a “spanking” is the case of Soccer’s Luka Jovic of Serbia.

It was reported that the player of Real Madrid is being investigated by Serbian authorities for allegedly breaking a quarantine measure. The 22-year-old striker was back in Serbia from Spain lately and was seen on the streets and pictured at a birthday party.

It was reported that the Serbian Government told all those returning from states battling the virus to self-isolate for up to 28 days as an effort to stop its spread.

Like the Gobert’s joke of touching reporters microphones and cellphones after an interview, Jovic’s actions are irresponsible as he MIGHT have place many in harm’s way.

This should remind us that being in streets and gatherings should not be acceptable at this time. You don’t want to get the virus from somebody nor be the reason why somebody got the virus.

Again, better be safe than sorry.

Serbian Government officials said it best when they have rebuked the “millionaire” soccer players, obviously in reference to Jovic: “The fact that they are known sportsmen, and that they are rich, will not stop them from being punished,”

This was quoted by reports to have been said by Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

While it is acknowledged everyone have different needs to be tended to even in times like this, avoiding social contact and staying in our respective homes whenever we can is the best thing we can contribute to society these days.

Full participation with the quarantine measures is a quick way to stop this pandemic.