Enhanced Mind

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The ongoing pandemic brought out the best among nations affected by the virus. Efforts to flatten the curve and put an end to the threat to human life had been employed by authorities of nations. While it may be premature, commendation is due to every citizen that contributed in various ways to normalize the situation.

If I am to express my sentiment as a product of a quarantined mind, the situation taught me three things, Alliance, Determination, and Hope.

Alliance is in motion across the Globe to combat the dreaded disease. Top officials scrambled to find ways in dealing with the pandemonium. Some words were popularized like enhanced community quarantine and lockdown. The issue at had gained local and international media attention with the end goal of solving the crisis. In dealing with the situation, local and national officials of the Philippines put aside politics and worked harmoniously to contribute to the solution. The different churches and business establishment acceded to the government order to safeguard people from getting infected.  Except for a few, responsible citizens complied with the government issuances to stay at home as a form of contribution.

Determination and preparedness of our leaders to serve its people and put an end to the global crisis had been tested. A clear example is the speedy passage of Republic Act 11469 “Bayanihan to Heal as One Act” and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. While some leaders were against such law, majority agreed and decided to push its approval. Equally important is the willpower of hardworking officials, front liners, and frontline services that man respective posts. Thanks to the military, police and volunteers for keeping our communities peaceful despite the challenges of COVID-19. We recognize the efforts of some kindhearted citizens, cooperatives and business establishments that shared their resources to those in need. To our farmers who despite being victims of the calamity managed to share their harvests for people to eat and allow people to be healthy. While other people were caught unaware, some managed to plan using their own resources. The plans and actions might have been drastic but survival instincts dictate the need to act in accordance with the situation.  Ultimately, our determination as humans is to outlive the disaster. It enhanced our unity and goal to continue living in this planet.

Hope lingers in every human mind that this unexpected mess will soon end. Expressed in various means people pray to God for help. Afflicted persons expressed optimism they can survive and be cured. Some people hope that government and other people will help them survive given economic activity disruption.

The best defense against this deadly virus is to keep our body healthy. Our immune system must shield us from acquiring the disease. As to when this devastation will end, it is our fervent hope and prayer that God will hear our cry for help. Having an enhanced mind triggered by the unexpected, let us sustain our faith and implore divine intervention that this world will heal as one.