Do Not Forget the Fundamentals


In today’s complexities, we tend to look for complicated solutions when the solution is ‘surprisingly’ simple. The way to go is to go back to the basics – to the fundamentals that firm up the foundation.

Let’s take some examples:

On Investing…

Edward Lee, the Founder and Chairman of COL Financial (the largest online stock broker in the country) shared this in his message last week – “2014 was a huge year for the Philippine stock market, registering a return of over 20% to its investors. I guess the question in your mind is ‘How can I still make money in the stock market?’ The simple answer to this is to stay invested.”

So there you have it, you just have to stay invested to continue growing your money in the stock market. On the other hand, if you are not yet investing and you want to grow your money through investing – by all means – you have to start investing.

If you do not know yet how to invest, then start learning how to invest. Read books or attend seminars about it. And when you learn enough, start applying it.

Do you want to grow your money in the stock market? Invest in the stock market.

On Speaking…

Here’s another common concern – “I fear speaking in public but I want to share my message.” Well, the simple solution to that is to start speaking in public. That’s it! You can start speaking in small groups then to big groups.

I, too, had the fear of public speaking but because I wanted to share my story, I was compelled to conquer my fear. Nervousness and jitters would still come but I started getting comfortable with them and proceed to speak in public. This happened because I started speaking in public.  If I haven’t begun speaking in front of an audience, most probably, I would have been boxed and chained into simply wanting to speak in public.

Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking (Toastmasters International), shares his secret in his tagline: “Stage time, stage time, stage time!” He befriended the stage. LaCroix kept showing up on stage to speak. This magic move helped him to become a champion and now a highly-paid keynote speaker.

Do you want to conquer your fear of public speaking? Start speaking in public.

On Writing…

Some young and not so young readers of my book would ask, “How were you able to write books? With your young age, how were you able to publish two books to date?” I would smile and answer, “I do not have a fabulous formula but simply to write.”

Prolific writers share their secrets. Don’t be surprised. They would say, “I sit down and write.” Bestselling author Bo Sanchez reveals that ‘secret,’ too.

Do you want to write? Then sit down and write.

Some would refute this and say, “That sounds too simplistic!” Well, it may be is.

Of course, mastering the craft would require another set of skills, more advanced ones. Becoming a multi-millionaire, a bestselling author, or a renowned powerful speaker would not be served by just that – but it starts with that. The very first simple step that you take won’t guarantee success but it guarantees the start of something that’s going to shine and sparkle.

How would I know? I am not yet a multi-millionaire, not yet a bestselling author, or a world-renowned speaker yet but I have listened to several of them who honestly shared their secrets and their first step is like that. One started investing, the other started speaking, and the final one started writing. That was the beginning.

The fundamental action is the fundamental solution.

Start with the fundamentals. Worry not on the advanced yet, begin with the first level first. Then proceed from there and gradually move forward. In time, we will reach the top. In the mean time, face first the fundamental.

Thus, what is it that you want to do today? Identify that fundamental action that you need to do and start doing it. It may be on investing, speaking or writing. The solution is simple. Do not forget the fundamentals.

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