CSO-accredited groups receive financial assistance from DSWD


TABUK CITY, Kalinga  – To assist poor and vulnerable families gain thriving livelihoods to improve their socio-economic condition, the Regional Office of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) gave starting fund to four civil society organization (CSO)-accredited groups.

These groups are Shalom Association of Bulanao, Rising Sun Sustainable Livelihood Program Association (SLPA) and Sambong SLPA- both of Bulanao Norte and Dangla SLPA of Bulo

Macfarlyne Bumosao, project development officer, said these groups passed the accreditation issued by DSWD Central Office through its SLP.

Asked whether the accredited organizations received the same amount, Bumosao said that the micro-enterprise development fund for livelihood depends on the number of members of the organization and the nature of business proposed.

‘’The giving of fund to start up a business is not the end of the story. The office will still be monitoring their progress within two years to insure that their project becomes sustainable,” he said.

“In that span of years, if they are evaluated to be an organization in good standing with effective management skills and practices, the office no longer intervenes but poor management will result to continuous monitoring, coaching and mentoring,’’ he elaborated. Bumosao also clarified that the fund is not a grant but an agreement to roll on. This means that the group will still pay to the DSWD a certain amount monthly in two years without interest.

To determine how much is paid monthly, he explained that the fund is divided by 24 months divided by the number of members.

‘’The collected amount paid in the 24-month period will be returned back to the organization for the expansion of their business,’’ Bumosao told.

He also said that case conference will be utilized to address the delinquency issue.
The requirements for accreditation are an accomplished application form, at least 15 group members, CSO officers’ resolution, location sketch map, organizational map, constitution and by-laws, omnibus sworn statement, CSO roster list of members, certificate of social preparation, list of projects and programs using public funds, list of projects and programs not using public funds, and minutes of the meeting.

The groups, through their representatives received their certificate of accreditation from DSWD Central Office during the flag raising ceremony at the City Hall, August 14.

By Darwin S. Serion