Council studies carnival operations in Burnham Park


BAGUIO CITY  – The City Council is currently studying a proposal by an amusement proponent to operate a carnival within portions of the Ibaloi Park located inside the 34-hectare Burnham Park complex for a 90-day period.

The local legislative body required the proponent Linked-in Corporation headed by Baltazar N. Ola to secure from the Onjon ni Ibaloi their letter of no objection to the planned operation of the carnival within portions of the Ibaloi Park and to guarantee compliance to the terms and conditions prescribed for the proposal.

The local legislators agreed to tackle the proposal of the amusement company to operate a maximum of 12 amusement rides in the area for a maximum of 90 days commencing on February 24 or a day after the celebration of the Ibaloi Day in the city.

The Committee on Tourism, Special Events, Parks and Playgrounds recommended for the discussion en banc of the proposal to solicit the opinion of the local legislators on the matter as some amusement activities conducted at some portions of Burnham Park have been tainted with controversies.

The proponent plants to operate amusement rides, finger foods booths, fun games and booths, mini-musical concert, stand-up commecians, signing contests, dance contests and beauty pageant.

Initially, local legislators reminded the proponent that there should be no gambling activities in the leased area during the proposed lease period and that the discovery of gambling activities will warrant the immediate closure of the carnival operations.

The amusement corporation proposed a P500,000 lease rental for the area within the Ibaloi Park for a period of 120 days but could be reduced if the lease period is reduced.

Further, the company also proposed it will shoulder the security and janitorial services and it commits to comply with all existing ordinances, applicable laws, rules and regulations, orders of any public body having jurisdiction on the safety of persons or property or to protect them from damage, injury or loss.

The proponent committed to erect and maintain, as required by the conditions and progress of the work, all necessary safeguards for safety and protection of the public patronizing the carnival operations.

Ola added the corporation will be solely liable for any liabilities incurred by its workers to any persons or properties while in the performance of the carnival operations and it will provide all risk insurance for third party claims, and accident insurance for workers on the site.

The company shall also provide at his own expense truss-type elevated steel stage and mobile lights and sound system and LED wall or video wall used for the week-long traditional events of the Ibaloi heritage garden association for free.

The proponent was reminded to install sufficient portalets within the vicinity of the carnival operations to ensure that the sanitation in the area is ensured aside from the installation of appropriate trash bins around the site.

By Dexter A. See