Cordillera crop production drops by 1.7 percent


BAGUIO CITY  – The volume of crop production in the Cordillera for cabbage, carrots and white potatoes decreased by 1.7 percent last year wherein the three crops accounted for 305,850 metric tons compared to the 311,269 metric tons produced in 2015, a report from the Cordillera office of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA-CAR) stated.

Of the total crop production, the PSA-CAR stipulated that the Cordillera contributed the biggest share at 82.9 percent or 253,404 metric tons, followed by Davao Region with a 5 percent share of 15,297 metric tons and Northern Mindanao at 4.5 percent or 13,629 metric tons.

Based on the report, the Cordillera contributed 32.6 percent of white potatoes which was equivalent to 99,981 metric tons, 31 percent of cabbage which was around 94,728 metric tons and 19.2 percent of carrots or 58,695 metric tons.

Among the Cordillera provinces, Benguet had the largest production since it has the widest farming area for the three crops and has a temperate weather suitable for producing highland vegetables to cater to the growing demand of semi-temperate vegetables.

Of the 128,080 metric tons total cabbage production last year, the PSA-CAR noted that vegetable farmers in the region produced the highest with 77 percent share or some 94,728 metric tons followed by Northern Mindanao at 5.3 percent or 6,424 metric tons and Central Visayas with 5 percent or 6,161 metric tons.

From 125,752 metric tons in 2015, the PSA-CAR cited production of cabbage in the region decreased last year by 2.1 percent or 2,672 metric tons due to the damages caused by Typhoon Lawin that devastated the region during the last quarter.

Benguet remained as the major producer of cabbage with 86.3 percent share of the region’s total 81,778 metric tons, followed by Mountain Province with 13.1 percent share or 12,450 metric tons.

On the other hand, the PSA-CAR added carrot production in the country reached 65,987 metric tons in 2016 and the Cordillera again contributed the biggest share with 88.9 percent or 58,695 metric tons followed by Negros Island Region at 2.9 percent share or 1,914 metric tons.

The report stated carrot production in the Cordillera last year dropped by 832 metric tons or 1.4 percent compared to the 59,527 metric tons produced in 2015.

Benguet continues to provide the biggest share with 92.9 percent or 54,500 metric tons, followed by Mountain Province with 6.3 percent share or 3,691 metric tons and Ifugao with 0.9 percent or 504 metric tons.

Moreover, the Cordillera remained the highest contributor of white potatoes with 85.6 percent share or 99,981 metric tons followed by Davao Region with 8.4 percent or 9,846 metric tons and Northern Mindanao with 5.9 percent or 5,879 metric tons.

The regional production dropped by 1.8 percent or 1,848 metric tons from the previous year 101,829 metric tons due to the occurrence of Typhoons Lawin and Karen.

Benguet sustained its biggest share with 88.8 percent or 88,771 metric tons, followed by Mountain Province with 11.1 percent or 11,090 metric tons.