Cooperative Relevance: Undying Commitment

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We are proud of you cooperatives! The undying commitment to serve with gladness resonates in all corners. Your existence and initiatives as peoples’ organization gained attention from national and local officials. Millions of pesos spent for members and non-members. Serving all people marks significant strides to make a difference.

The current pandemic brought out the best practices and application of the universally accepted cooperative principles. The assistance extended to members and communities manifest compassion to mankind.

Sky high accountability was noted as officers and management struggle to address immediate needs of members and the community they serve. Cooperatives gave grants and donation in the forms of cash or in kind to frontline directly or indirectly to service providers, community residents and others. Some assistance was coursed through local government units. This attests to adherence on the concern for community principle. The gestures of sharing the hard earned resources seal the integrity of cooperatives to help people regardless of status in life. The acts indicate reciprocity and fairness, giving back something as a form of thanksgiving to all stakeholders.

The continuing flow of support from cooperatives to members forms part of the cooperative social responsibility. It is an expression of gratitude for the patronage of members that contributed to generation of statutory funds. Without members support on the economic endeavors of cooperatives, nothing could have been set up for the different statutory funds. Thanks to good governance and financial prudence. Hats off to cooperatives that funded their respective statutory funds, the time to learn a lesson to those that failed to observe the standards.

Trust surfaced as management and staff agreed to provide help to members and the community. Swift decisions in the disbursement of cooperative funds amazed local leaders as they receive assistance without strings attached.

Hope dwells in cooperatives. Resilient as they are, their offices serve the needs of members and communities. Others might have closed operations but I am glad they resumed operations after the declaration of the Bayanihan Act to Heal as One and issuance of its Implementing Rules and Regulations.  My faith that growth and development lingers as cooperative relevance is affirmed.