Comila vows to bring BSU closer to the communities

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The newly-installed president of the State-run Benguet State University (BSU) vowed to bring the programs, projects, activities and services of the higher education institution closer to the communities of the Cordillera to bring back the glory days of the school amidst the prevailing pandemic.

BSU president Dr. Felipe S. Comila stated he will reach out to the concerned government agencies, the local governments and the private sector, to explore partnerships that will help in defining BSU’s role in the overall growth and development of the communities it serves.

“We have a huge task ahead because we want to aggressively work to bridge the gap between the institution, the concerned local governments, the government agencies and the private sector. We want to restore our solid partnership that allowed BSU to reach the highest pedestal of education in our region in the past. We want our people to feel the presence of BSU in their midst,” Comila stressed.

He reported that in his 37 years in the institution, he saw how BSU evolved to become one of the prestigious state universities and colleges in the country and how it failed in some aspects of its mandate which needs to be put in place in his administration to regain its image in the communities it serves.

BSU has been the center for research in agriculture not only in the region, but also in Northern Luzon that paved the way for its being tapped for numerous researches and breakthroughs in agriculture over the past several decades.

Comila claimed that re-establishing the linkages with the stakeholders will surely take some time because of the present restrictions caused by the prevailing pandemic but he will make sure the same will be realized within the first months of his tour of duty in the institution.

According to him, BSU will initiate the re-establishment of the solid partnership with its stakeholders as part of the overall healing process and for the realization of the return of the harmonious relationship among the basic institutions of the government and the private sector.

Last November 26, 2020, the members of the BSU Board of Regents overwhelmingly voted for Comila as the 7th president of the institution after having garnered 8 votes from the assigned voters.

He bested two other aspirants for the coveted position after the members of the board decided to shortlist the 5 applicants who were previously recommended by the search committee for the vacant post.

Comila served the institutions in various positions over the past 37 years serving as the Director of Lands, and lately Director of the Institute of Public Administration, before being elected as the University President.

Comila rallied all stakeholders to continue bestowing to the university their unwavering and uncompromising support so that the present administration can stir BSU to greater heights for the benefit of the students of the institution.