Clash of Warriors’ Undercards as exciting as Main Draws


BAGUIO CITY – The undercard of the kickboxing and boxing events Fullcon Fighting Championship’s Clash of Warriors held last August 1, 2015 at the Baguio Convention Center should not be called as such because they were as full of action as the main events and presented different varieties of combat actions.

Fortis Warrios Gym’s Michael Roy Farinas set the tone for the night by coming back from losing the first round to earn a split decision over Team Maranata’s Jufiel Manatad even as some of the attendees were surprised by the decision.  Manantad, of Itogon, Benguet, pummeled Farinas, also from Itogon, in round one. Farinas, however, got his bearings back and slightly won the exchanges in the next two rounds to get the nod of two judges in the first kickboxing match.

Roland Padsingan, Jr., from Tadian, Mt. Province and out of Aikijitsu Kickboxing Club, floored twice David Andrada, from Nueva Vizcaya and Red Lions Club. The first KO came at the 19 second mark and another one at the 1:48 mark that signaled the end of the bout.

Jumar Balangui, hailing from San Gabriel, La Union delivered the second quickest knockout of the night by taking out World Muay Boran’s Orbin Pegang. Balangui, fighting out of the Fortis Warrior Gym, unleashed a kick that found the left eye of Pegangat the 27 second mark of the opening round. Damage was evidently done as Pegang, from la Trinidad, Benguet, clutched his eye and refused to continue while being counted out.

World Muay Boran’s Noel Walis was active all fight long and chased Team Spartan’s Marshal Cawis around the ring to hack out a unanimous decision victory. Walis, “The Sniper” from La Trinidad, became busy right after the opening bell and out worked Cawis to take round one. Cawis, a Baguio City native, was basically conscious of his defense and waited for the right moments to counter during the round.

Round two action was the same as round one. As the round was ending, Walis connected on a right cross to usher an end of the round flurry of hits. Walis simply coasted along round three as Cawis could not mount a serious attempt to knock him out.

Universal Boxing Stable’s Rone Deliu floored Melvin Perez, of UB, to win their match. Deliu, the “Romanian Gangster” from Baguio City, got both of his knockdowns at the end of rounds one and two where the Nueva Vizcaya native Perez got saved by the bell on both occasions. Perez declined to answer the bell for the third round forcing the referee to declare a technical knock-out victory for Deliu.

In the last supporting kickboxing bout, Fortis Warrior Gym’s Donald Farong-ey took Red Lions Club’s Romeo Sinakay to the canvas twice in the second round to  win via a second round TKO. Round one of the bout between the Mountain Province native Farong-ey and the Nueva Vizcaya indigen Sinakay was relatively even, although Farong-ey displayed more composure.

Round two started just about the same when Sinakay rushed-in to attack. Fanrong-ey, however, countered with a well-timed right straight to the on-rushing Sinakay for a taste of the canvass. Sinakay was able to beat the 10-count but never recovered. He was forced to retire after being floored again at the 46 second mark.

In the first boxing bout, Universal Boxing Stable’s Gil Christian Paydowan, Jr. registered a unanimous decision win over Team Maranata’s Ruben Cadpa in a battle of first-timer teenagers. Both young fighters went at it toe-to-toe right after the first round bell rang with the Baguio City native Paydowan getting the better of the exchanges. At the end of the round, Cadpa, from Benguet, has already a bloodied nose.

Round two followed the same route with Cadpa more aggressive in pressuring Paydowan. Paydowan, however, blocked and ducked majority of the attacks and countered with crispy hits of his own to cut Cadpa above the eye. He was, however, exhausted as he could barely stand and even had to sit on the canvass where the doctor tend to Cadpa.

Seeing this, Cadpa lets it all out in round three. His punches, however, does not have the sting anymore due to exhaustion, too. Paydoan, even in his weakened state, countered with well-timed jabs and straights that hit the mark to escape with the victory.

In the other boxing bout before its main event, Universal Boxing Stable’s Russel Loyd Belway gutted out a unanimous decision over Harmon Jay Baldo of UB. Belway, from Baguio City, was the aggressor and showboated his way through the rounds while Baldo, also from Baguio, was more of a defensive counter-puncher. Belway, however, found ways to connect his gloves at Baldo. Belway punctuated his win with a flurry of punches to end the final round.