City starts implementation of towing ordinance


BAGUIO CITY  – The City Engineering Office (CEO) announced the implementation of the towing ordinance earlier passed by the local legislative body to help clear roads and streets from motor vehicles obstructing the smooth flow of traffic.

Engr. Januario Borillo, chief of the CEO’s newly created Traffic and Transport Action Division (TTAD), said since its implementation in January this year, some 40 motor vehicles were towed  for being illegally parked in various streets of the city.

He said of the 40 towed vehicles, 10 were dilapidated and stalled vehicles, while the owners of the 30 other vehicles were imposed fines prescribed under the ordinance.

Borillo disclosed barangay officials and residents wanting vehicles towed for obstructing streets in their places should get in touch with the CEO TTAD for them to dispatch any of the city’s two trucks to the place subject of the complaints.

“We coordinate with people within the vicinity of the towed motor vehicles for them to inform the owner to coordinate with us on how to claim their vehicles,” Borillo stressed.

He added the towed motor vehicles are brought to the city’s pay parking area in Burnham Park or in the CEO compound in Lower Rock Quarry for safekeeping while awaiting the owners to claim the said vehicles after paying the prescribed fines.

Under Ordinance No. 78, series of 2018, the local government shall assess the owner of the towed motor vehicle storage fees amounting to P500 for the first 24 hours and P500 daily until such time that the towed vehicle is retrieved.

Further, towing fees will also be assessed by the local government to the vehicle owner which amounts to P1,500 for light vehicles weighing less than 4,500 kilos for the first 4 kilometers, P2,500 for medium vehicles for the first 4 kilometers, and P4,500 for heavy vehicles for the first 4 kilometers.

The ordinance stipulates that an additional P200 for every kilometer exceeding the 4-kilometer limit will be assessed the vehicle owner from the point of towing to the impounding area.

Borillo said that upon receipt of complaints on the presence of stalled or illegally parked motor vehicles in the city’s roads and streets, a truck will be dispatched to tow the complained motor vehicles to the impounding area.

He urged motor vehicle owners to strictly comply with existing traffic and parking rules and regulations to prevent their vehicles from being towed and avoid paying fines.

By Dexter A. See