City dads to meet for executive-legislative agenda July 23, 25


BAGUIO CITY – City officials will be meeting on July 23 and 25, 2019 to craft the city government’s executive-legislative agenda (ELA) for the present term as a blueprint on the direction of the city in the next 3 years.

However, department heads will be meeting on July 18, 2019 for their pre-ELA gathering to formulate the city’s short, medium and long-term development plan aligned with the 10-point agenda of Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong.

The ELA is an important document that provides the direction of the local government in the implementation of its programs, projects and activities aligned with the present administration’s 10-point agenda for the infusion of matching funds for their realization.

Earlier, Magalong detailed his 10-point agenda to include speeding up government action; revitalizing the environment; innovating peace and order condition; aggressive traffic management; responsive education; empowering the youth; expanding health and social services; responsible tourism; enlivened culture, arts, crafts and heritage and modernizing the city market.

The city chief executive ordered City Administrator Engr. Bonifacio dela Peña to ensure that all the necessary programs, plans and activities that should be in the ELA are ready the soonest possible time for presentation to the members of the City Council to facilitate the enactment of the appropriate legislative action that will put to work the ELA.

He explained the local government should focus the programs, projects and activities under its ELA for the next 3 years as even in the corporate world, the previous short, medium and long-term planning are to only 3 years due to the rapid advancement of information and communication technology which clearly makes a big difference in the global competitiveness of the labor force.

He asserted the importance of the presence of the department heads and local legislators in the crafting of the ELA because of the inter-related functions of the departments, especially in the sourcing out of the funds required for the implementation of the programs, projects and activities in the overall plan for the city.

Magalong assured his presence during the pre-ELA conference of the departments and even in the formal ELA plenary to help in providing the actual direction of the city pursuant to his 10-point core agenda.

On the other hand, the different sectors where the department heads belong were tasked to already prepare their plans and programs to be finalized during the pre-ELA conference to lessen the burden on the concerned departments in defending their proposals during the plenary.

The local government was constrained to adjust the schedule of the ELA plenary as some department heads are not available on some of the dates eyed for the conduct of one of the most important activities in governance.

Magalong urged the cooperation of the department heads and local legislators to the said activity to put in place the city government’s ELA.

By Dexter A. See
Banner photo by Armando Bolislis