Cheers to Your Best Year Ever



How’s your Christmas and New Year celebration? Other than the fantastic festivities that you’ve enjoyed, how are you starting the year that has just begun?

I was just listening to the podcast of New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt and he was sharing about his ideas and insights on setting goals and actually achieving them so that the coming year will be your best year ever. The challenge that I drew from his sharing – and maybe a challenge you want to consider for yourself too: How are you preparing for this year to make it your best year ever?

The dilemma that you and I face when we don’t ask this question is that we could get complacent of our current situation. Yes, probably we have achieved some and we can get comfortable with them but if we stay in our comfort zone, aren’t we robbing ourselves and others a better life? Are there new goals you and I need to set this year? Consider the different areas of life. It could be on family, fitness, finances, farm and faith. Let’s try to take a look at three of these five areas.

On fitness. Is there a particular part on your physical fitness that you need to improve? Take a look at what seems to be causing you discomfort.

Recently, I realized that I needed to have more reserves of energy. Last month, we had a week-long training in Manila and after the session for each day, friends of my co-trainee had been inviting us for dinners and events. These were opportunities to connect and get to know them. There was this longing to go and be present with them but there’s also this slight feeling of reluctance because of tiredness. While we ended up saying yes to all those invitations, I came to recognize that I need to work on my physical fitness so that I’ll have more energy to use for the day and still be able to come to connect with presence and enthusiasm. Thus, I resolved to eat more properly and at the right times. I also need to get back to some simple physical exercises.

Do you think you need to work on your physical fitness too? What are the things you can do?

On finances. How are you managing your finances? Are you a salaried individual with fixed income that comes every fifteen days? Or are you self-employed that earns income that comes variably as to when and as to how much?

How do you save? Do you receive your salary, spend for your needs and wants first, and then save what’s left? They say that this is the poor man’s strategy. The right strategy is to receive your salary, allocate something for your savings first, and then spend for your needs and wants. It is a simple change in sequence that can give sizeable change. For example, if you receive an income of 15,000, upon receiving it, set aside immediately 3,000 (20%) for your savings, and then you may now use the 12,000 remaining for your needs and wants. It’s a different story when you receive the 15,000 and then start paying and purchasing here and there; then later you’ll realize that nothing is left for your supposed saving.

The key is consistent application of this concept. That way, the small amount being set aside on a regular basis would accumulate to your desired amount. Save up three to six months’ worth of expenses for your savings as emergency fund and when you have this already, you may want to start putting in for your investments like that in stocks and mutual funds.

On farm. I am not referring to the actual farm of a farmer though that could really your the farm if you are a farmer. For the employees, your farm is your work. For the self-employed and entrepreneurs, your farm is your product or your business. How do you perform at work? How do you deliver your product or service?

To level up our farming is to keep on improving on how we do things. When was the last time you read a book about your craft? When was the last time you attended a seminar in your field? When was the last time you listened to a master and learn from him or her? How we work our ‘farm’ affects hugely the other areas of our life.

These are just three of the different areas of life that you and I need to look into.

Personally, I have lots of things to work on these areas. Maybe we are applying these strategies but there could also be times, especially during tough periods when we are tempted to deviate from the supposed ways of doing things. In other words, there could be a problem on consistency. But this is part of life. We may commit mistakes but we have to keep on. The call is not to give up but rather rise up and walk again. After all, the aim is growth not necessarily perfection.

Let’s get excited to another wonderful year. Cheers to your best year ever!   

(Chris Dao-anis/CPA, as an author and speaker, helps aspiring and young professionals become better communicators and leaders. His first book ‘The Gift of the Ordinary’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City and in Central Bookstores (Metro Manila and Cebu). For seminars and resources, visit or email