Change of status, correction, reactivation for Tabuk voters available at COMELEC office

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Aside from filing for voter’s registration and transfer of residency, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) also offers other services for the populace.

According to Atty. Reyman Solbita, COMELEC-Tabuk head, their office also allow correction and change of status in voter’s registration.

“Nu ipacorrect mu dagijay nagkamali ijay vote’s registration record mu, mabalin diyay,” he said.

Solbita added that what is needed is to attach the document showing the actual data to the request form.

For those who want to change their status, i.e. single lady who got married   wishes   to use her husband’s last name, voter needs to attach the marriage certificate to change her status   from single to married, and use the husband’s last name instead.

The COMELEC head also said that, aside from the change of name to use the husband’s last name, women can also file a request to revert to their last names when they were single.

“Nu kayat mu agpa-single, isublim apilyedom idi balasang ka, ipakitam lang jay proof mu nga decision ti court nga annulment. Or any proof nga nawas-was jay kasar,” he said.

“Barbaru gamin daytuy nga resolution iti COMELEC nga nu sika (wife) ket nagregister nga apilyedo ni asawam (husband), mabalin ka nga agrevert ijay apilyedom di balasang ka, and they need only to present their original birth certificate,” he added.

However, if the marriage is not annulled, the woman can still revert to her original last name but her civil status will remain married.

Aside from change in status, the COMELEC also allows the reactivation to vote. Solbita said that once a registered voter failed to vote in two (2) successive regular elections, he/she will be deactivated in the COMELEC’s database.

To reactivate, the person must present a valid ID proving his/her identity to the COMELEC-Tabuk.

Solbita reminded those requesting for Voter’s certification that their office will only issue the same every FRIDAY for the month of October, 2021. This is to give priority to individuals applying for Voter’s registration.

“Dibale ta nu November ket everyday tu manen nga ag-issue kami. Sinuspend mi lang ti issuance [ti voters certificate] ta i-prioritize daytuy voters registration,” Solbita ended. By Cyrus Van Kurt Soldita and Edward Joseph Gacuya