CENRO urges CLGU personnel, public to use eco bags from now on

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – During a recent flag-raising ceremony for employees of the city government, George Andres Padalla of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) reminded the employees to set an example by not using plastic bags when purchasing goods at the public market or elsewhere. 

Padalla said their office began an information education campaign (IEC) to stakeholders around the city late last year regarding Ordinance No. 003 series of 2021.

She stated that certain sellers from the Dagupan Public Market disclosed that several city government staff are among their consumers who continue to buy their produce using plastic bags.

“Nu umay kayu dituy City Hall ket nakabitbit kayu iti supot. Itat-tan, nu mapan kayu agpalengke ket makita mi nga haan nga supot ti ig-igganan yu,” she said.

Padalla urged the employees to bring their own environmental bags or other recyclable bags the next time they went shopping. 

She also stated that the use of cellophane as a secondary package and Styrofoam for food and beverages will be outlawed from July 1.

“Amin nga aglak-laku, amin nga commercial kada business establishments, they still have the time until June 30 to dispose of their inventory of cellophane and sando bags [as well as Styrofoam],” she said.

She emphasized that the Tabuk City Market Operations Division (TCMOD) is actively discussing the ordinance with delivery vehicles and enterprises. 

Padalla went on to say that the Philippine National Police, the Public Order and Safety Office, the City Business Permit and Licensing Office, TCMOD, and the various barangay governments are all working together to ensure that the law is strictly enforced.

Violators of this ordinance will be faced with the following fines and penalties:

First offense: Php 500 fine and confiscation and destruction of prohibited materials, second offense: Php 1,000 fine and confiscation and destruction of prohibited materials and third offense: P 3,000 fine, confiscation and destruction of prohibited materials, and revocation of license to operate for business establishments.