CBSTC conducts research on transport sustenance

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CBSTC (Cordillera Basic Sectors Transport Cooperative) has been conducting research on Existing Transportation Systems that made a difference within a country. TEAM CBSTC even went to Hong Kong to learn about the Transportation System and Transport Routing System of the country. TEAM CBSTC has concluded that terrains of Hong Kong was similar in Cordillera Administrative Region.

TEAM CBSTC is continuously conducting seminars to every Municipalities of the Province in Cordillera Administrative Region. They are discussing the benefits of Modernizing the Transportation System and Transport Routing Systems. They are also helping Local Government Units with their research on rationalizing the existing Transport Routing Systems.

The TEAM CBSTC is also teaching residents in the area who attend their seminar about the Public Utility Vehicles Modernization Program of the Government. They have observed that the people of the Cordillera Administrative Region do not understand the Public Utility Vehicles Modernization Program of the Government yet and so TEAM CBSTC made it a point to discuss this program to their Pre-Membership Educational Seminars (PMES).

TEAM CBSTC recently conducted PMES in the Municipality of Paracelis, Mountain Province organized by Municipal Manager Franklin W. Talawec with the assistance of Honorable Mayor Marcos G. Ayangwa and Councilor John Bonggolay last August 8, 2019, where Honorable Ayangwa issued accreditation to CBSTC.

CBSTC made it their goal to provide assistance on rationalization of Transport Routing Systems to Local Government Units of Cordillera Administrative Region.

CBSTC is also providing Pre-Membership Seminar every Friday. Please Visit our Office at ORAS Building, 3rd Floor Km.5 La Trinidad Benguet.

For Inquiries Contact Us: (074)-665-7544 keep in touch.

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CBSTC-Baguio is processing the accreditation for CBSTC (Cordillera Basic Sectors Transport Cooperative) in our City.

We will be having a Special Meeting- to Be Announced through Text Messages.