BSU dared to prioritize upgrading of facilities not opening of more courses

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Concerned students and alumni of the State-run Benguet State University (BSU) lashed out at the present administration for allegedly prioritizing the opening of additional courses instead of focusing its efforts to improve and upgrade its existing facilities, especially the colleges that brought honor and pride to the higher education institution.

Sources, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from the powers-that-be, questioned the wisdom of the present administration in being too passionate about opening additional courses when there are still numerous improvements that need to be undertaken in the already dilapidated facilities of most of the colleges.

The sources claimed it seems there is lack of foresight among the present leaders of the institution because they are so focused in working for the opening of additional courses instead of addressing numerous issues and concerns in the various colleges including lack of facilities and equipment.

Further, they added that the officers of the present administration seem to have forgotten the commitment they made before they were elected into their positions of prioritizing the crafting of a comprehensive master plan for the university as the blueprint for the implementation of the needed development projects in the institution.

According to them, may students and alumni are now disappointed over the seemingly disorganized management and administration of the higher education institution as the leadership seem to succumb to the alleged workings of the ‘mafia’ inside the university and that evident corruption activities are now being reportedly noticed in some of the schools’ business ventures within its properties.

Some of the alumni who thought the present administration will introduce drastic changes to significantly improve the quality of education to the youth are now disappointed over the way the institution is being managed.

The sources argued that while it is true that the opening of additional courses passed through a stringent process, the administration can still reconsider these and focus on the improvement and upgrading of the school’s facilities to entice more students to enroll in the different courses, especially the ones that brought honor and pride to BSU because their graduates excelled in some licensure examinations.

During these difficult times, concerned students and alumni pointed out that the administration has to be very practical in the utilization of its funds and work on doable priorities whilst observing austerity measures and rethink their priorities to avoid potential white elephants.

Worst, the sources allege that the present administration seem to have forgotten its commitment during the selection of the president that it will be listening administration as it is turning out to be a lame duck administration as some insiders are getting the better of the leadership instead of the leader dictating the temp of the game. By HENT