Bontoc Ili holds 2nd barangay assembly day 2018


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BONTOC, Mountain Province – Barangay Bontoc Ili held its Second Barangay Assembly Day for CY 2018 at the Bontoc Ili Multi-Purpose Building, Foyayeng, Bontoc Ili, Bontoc, Mountain Province on October 6, 2018 with the theme “Nagkakaisang Komunidad tungo sa Mapayapa, Maunlad at Matiwasay na Barangay! Barangay Assembly: Makialam! Makilahok! Makiisa!” pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 2018-151, s2018.

The activity started with the Preliminaries: Invocation by Wilbur T. Comafay, singing of the National Anthem conducted by Annielyn P. Filog and the Barangay Bontoc Ili Hymn conducted by this writer (the composer), Opening Remarks by Punong Barangay Alexander N. Fana-ang, song by the Foyayeng and Afew Women Organizations, and Message by MLGOO Jill F. Faed.

MLGOO Faed stressed that as mandated in the Local Government Code, “The barangay assembly shall meet at least twice a year to hear and discuss the semestral report of the sangguniang barangay concerning its activities and finances as well as problems affecting the barangay.” She also pointed out that aside from holding assembly meetings, barangay officials should post full disclosure documents like budget and expenses, and that constituents should help officials implement programs, projects and activities, and participate in barangay affairs and in problem solutions.

The Barangay assembly meeting proper included the State of the Barangay Address (SOBA), Barangay Compliance to National Laws and Issuances, and Organization/Accreditation of Barangay-Based Institutions (BBIs) by Punong Barangay Alexander N. Fana-ang, Report on Barangay Properties and Money Accountabilities by Barangay Treasurer Phoebie E. Tumingeb, Barangay Issues and Concerns by some sangguniang barangay members, and open forum.

In his SOBA, Punong Barangay Fana-ang presented the Barangay’s legislative and administrative, clean and green, peace and order, education, and economic program accomplishments.

The presentation covered April to September 2018.

For the legislative and administrative accomplishments, the barangay  conducted 7 1st regular meetings attended by elected barangay officials, 6  2nd regular meetings attended by elected barangay officials with the barangay tanod members, 3 quarterly meetings attended by the elected barangay officials with the different committee representatives; enacted 11 funding resolutions addressed to MLGU/PLGU/NLGU, 3 appropriating ordinances approved by the Sangguniang Bayan, and 4 executive orders passed to the DILG/Mayor’s Office.

For the Clean and Green Program accomplishments, purok/sitio organizations conducted monthly and quarterly clean and green activities attended by BHWs/Tanod members/barangay officials within their area; 19 BHWs with the supervision of 2 Rural Health Field Midwives and 16 Bontoc Ili Green Police members conducted IEC on solid waste management; and 19 BHWs with 2 midwives conducted family survey. According to their survey, Bontoc Ili has 4,790 population, 1, 161 households, and 1,190 families.

For the Peace and Order Program accomplishments, 16 barangay tanod members conducted 66-day regular foot patrols resulting to decreased crime rate; the barangay officials conducted barangay hearings through mediation to address 21 recorded complaints which were on 9 cases of land disputes, 1 trespass to dwelling, 5 collection of sum of money, 1 unjust vexation, 2 malicious mischiefs, 1 alleged theft, and 2 alleged physical injuries. Of the 9 cases of land dispute, 3 were settled, 3 were pending, 2 were referred to court, and 1 for record purposes. All the other cases were settled except for 1 collection of sum of money and 1 alleged physical injury which were for record purposes.

For education, there are 4 Day Care teachers (now called Child Development workers) conducting classes and 1 ALTS teacher funded under Dep-Ed conducting ALTS classes with 117 students from the Elementary Level and Junior High School Level.

For the Economic Program accomplishments, the Barangay implemented priority projects under the Annual Barangay Budget funded by 20% Barangay Development Fund CY 2018 in the amount of P803,721.40. The priority projects included Rehabilitation of Filig Ato, Rehabilitation of Lanao Pathway with Railings, Construction of Pattig Drainage Pathway, Rehabilitation of Fatayan Drainage Pathway, Construction of Cheka-a Pathway, Construction of Tom-ang Pathway, and Installation of Pathway Railings at Chalolog.

The Supplemental Budget CY 2018 included the Rehabilitation of the Chakchakan Drainage Pathway.

On Barangay Compliance to National Laws and Issuances, Punong Barangay Fana-ang reported that the Barangay has complied with Republic Act 9262 and Memorandum Circular (MC)  Nos. 2019-81, 2015-63 and 2018-146. For R.A. 9262 which is on Violence against Women and Children (VAWC), the Barangay has Women’s Desk to accommodate VAWC cases, if any. Reports are submitted quarterly to the Office of the MSWDO. For MC No. 2019-81 or Barangay Full Disclosure Board, the Barangay has the said Board where barangay transactions/monthly collections and others are posted. Quarterly reports are submitted to DILG. MC No. 2015-63 is the Revitalization of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADACs): Their Role in Drug Clearing Operation which Mandates the Barangay to Adopt Measures towards the Prevention and Eradication of Drug Abuse.

This is an additional task of the Barangay Tanod. MC No. 2018-146 is Accreditation of Barangay-Based Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Their Membership in the Barangay-Based Institutions (BBIs). This mandates the Punong Barangay to accredit all purok organizations within the barangay.

On the organization/accreditation of BBIs, the Punong Barangay reported a dozen accredited Barangay-Based Institutions: Barangay Bids and Awards Committee, Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council, Barangay Development Council, Barangay Council for the Protection of Children, Barangay Community Health, Barangay Peace and Order Committee, Barangay Physical Fitness and Sports Development, Barangay Disaster Coordinating Committee, Barangay Nutrition Council, Barangay Peacekeeping Action, Barangay VAWC Desk, Barangay Human Rights Action Office, plus all purok organizations in the Barangay.

Punong Barangay Fana-ang ended his SOBA and other reports by appreciating and thanking the constituents and others for their participation, cooperation and support.

For her part, Barangay Treasurer Phoebie E. Tumingeb reported that for the period covered, the Barangay had total income of P100,679.68 from real property tax share, sand and gravel share, CTC share, clearances and certifications, and retailer’s tax and total expenditures of P957,384.72.

Barangay sanitation/waste management, declaration of properties and payment of taxes, and other barangay issues and concerns were reported by Kagawad Rosa W. Angannoy, Kagawad Gerald S. Kalang-ad, and Kagawad Carlos Jr. F. Kensay, respectively. Problems affecting the barangay with their possible solutions were raised by the reporters and the participants.

Programs of other agencies were shared by their representatives: Clarence Padsing of DENR, PSI Faith Ayan Igualdo of Bontoc MPS, Bernadette Bawayan of the Municipal Assessor’s Office – Bontoc, Imee Kadchao of the Social Security System, Councilor Alsannyster Patingan of the Bontoc Sangguniang Bayan, Shirley Chiyawan of the Mountain Province Population Office, and Charmaine Yag-as, an entrepreneur.

The open forum was facilitated by Barangay Secretary Nelia S. Fokleg.     The 2nd Barangay Bontoc Ili Assembly Day 2018 which was attended by

By Josephine M. Ngodcho