Bontoc Barangay officials take oath of  office


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BONTOC, Mountain Province – Newly elected barangay officials of this municipality took their oath before Mayor Franklin C. Odsey during the mass oath-taking on June 19,2018 at the Eyeb Open Gym.

Punong Barangay and Barangay Kagawad of central Bontoc (Bontoc Ili, Caluttit, Poblacion and Samoki); Riverside cluster (Bayyo, Can-eo and Tocucan), upland cluster (Dalican, Guina-ang, Mainit and Maligcong); and Alab Oriente, Alab Proper and Balili sworn to serve the public with utmost honesty, sincerity and integrity.

Newly elected barangay officials of Talubin and Gonogon opted to have their separate oath taking in earlier dates in their respective barangays, both administered by Mayor Odsey.

Punong Barangay Alexander N. Fana-ang of Bontoc Ili remained undefeated, thereby giving him another three-year to serve his constituents together with Barangay Kagawad Paula S. Pangesfan, Carlos F. Kensay, Jr., Franklin T. Pachingel, Rosa W. Angannoy, Mary T. Kumalao, Gerald S. Kalang-ad and Antonio C. Pat-ogan.

Jimmy K. Cherwaken came back as Punong Barangay of Caluttit while the elected Barangay Kagawad are Montana F. Gasmeña, Richard A. Ngolab, Joseph T. Damayan, Jaime A. Kewan, Wilbur T. Wap, Aurelio Caesar P. Cariño, Sr. and Alice W. Villanueva.

For Barangay Poblacion, Glenn C. Saavedra, Sr., was elected as the Punong Barangay after earning the highest vote. Tomasa O. Sangayab, Yul Brynner M. Bandonill, Alfred A. Lo, Leopoldo A. Khayad, Reynaldo F. Waytan, Alejandro R. Sarmiento, Jr. and Manuel B. Andrada, Sr., are the Barangay Kagawad of Poblacion.

Joseph M. Toyokan was elected as the Punong Barangay of Samoki while his Barangay Kagawad are Lucio F. Fagyan, Joseph C. Kiluyen, Jr., Herman N. Ola, Sr., Godaliva C. Nadcop, Pablo C. Piayas, Herbert C. Awichen and Leopoldo C. Fadchar.

In Barangay Bayyo, Joseph B. Lacwin was elected as the Punong Barangay while the Barangay Kagawad are Clarencio M. Kia-ew, William G. Gaston, Froilan D. Puapo, Jennifer G. Lippad, Cenon W. Obanan, Mary O. Bortikey and Baltazar D. Kor-oyen.

Edward S. Ochasan won over his two opponents winning him the seat of Punong Barangay in Caneo. Elected Barangay Kagawad are Johnny N. Mara, Edward F. Sarang-ey, Lorena T. Eskit, Paul A. Anongos, Rita S. Sianen, Jack B. Masilian and Wilbert L. Dulay.

Wilbert A. Padngaran was elected Punong Barangay of Tocucan while the Barangay Kagawad are Rosenda T. Cattel, Vicente K. Wayyas, Albert L. Fey-awan, Jr., Lorenzo A. Chenepsan, Eugene A. Farangya, Edwin M. Morareng and Gabriel C. Tikan.

In Barangay Dalican, Reynald A. Waking was elected Punong Barangay while the seven individuals who filed their Certificate of Candidacies (COCs) for Barangay Kagawad were all given seat for said position. They are Elmer B. Ana-as, Romel B. Banganan, June A. Kidmat, James A. Tal-udan, Wilson C. Domogen, Allyson A. Futalleg and James S. Maskay.

Of the four individuals who filed their COCs for Punong Barangay in Guina-ang, Domingo A. Mang-usan garnered the highest vote while the elected Barangay Kagawad are James O. Ongyod, Hilary A. Charongen, Ninian K. Lang-agan, Molintas U. Cumahling, Jimmy C. Changrapen, George N. Ekid and Vincent T. Pongas.

In Barangay Mainit, Johnson B. Tangchor was elected as Punong Barangay and the Barangay Kagawad are Mario S. Cayabo, Erlinda C. Fucang, Rose S. Tarnate, Manuel C. Mandi-it, John P. Lapa-an, Clayward K. Yoga and Maria S. Besset.

Of the three individuals who filed their COCs for Punong Barangay in Maligcong, John C. Lac-ayen earned the highest vote, thereby giving him the seat of Punong Barangay. He will be working with elected Barangay Kagawad Ruben K. Napa-eg, Isias L. Limayog, Anthony P. Pangowen, Eugene M. Chomanog, Augustine F. Carlos, Francis C. Gamsawen and Kenneth C. Sokoken.

Unopposed and re-elect Punong Barangay Marlon A. Kis-ing shall serve his constituents in Barangay Alab Oriente for another three years together with elected Barangay Kagawad Jerry T. Bangoy, Mary S. Malecdan, Bryant Francis P. Pacudan, Anthony T.  Coteng, Alberto D. Memeg, Benjamin P. Awangan, Sr., and Raquel F. Challeg.

In Barangay Alab Proper, Hye M. Bellang was elected Punong Barangay and elected Barangay Kagawad are Francis T. Ngayodan, Harry D. Waking, John B. Bellang, Jr., Alex K. Baclangen, Richard D. Ayongan, Erben O. Nguddo and Palmer M. Gayec.

Re-elect Henry L. Atiwag was given another three-year to serve as Punong Barangay of Barangay Balili. Pilar D. Calabias, Mario B. Bonbon, Felix P. Langcao, Felix C. Awing, Lilia D. Bagangan, Ricky P. Wanas and Cleto L. Chacapna, Sr., are the elected Barangay Kagawad.

Bontoc Vice Mayor Eusebio S. Kabluyen in his message highlighted the meaning of the word “Honorable” which is now attached to the name of every elected official. A public official himself, Kabluyen acknowledged that holding the title of “Honorable” comes with great responsibility.

As elected barangay officials whom the constituents have trusted and put into positions, the vice mayor said that they are the ones who are to implement the law for the common good of the people and the community.

Kabluyen focused on gambling which he stressed could also be a root of misunderstanding between husband and wife, affecting not only their relationship but their children too.

With this, he challenged the barangay officials to live by examples to their constituents. Kanluyen appealed to the barangay officials to do-away with gambling as it does not only destroy their dignity, but the barangay officials’ reputation as a whole.

Mayor Franklin C. Odsey emphasized that oath taking is a symbol of acceptance of responsibility as government officials.

“You took your oath of office as barangay officials. You pledged to perform your functions with the best of your ability. You must defend all the laws of the land.  Set aside your personal interest for the sake of public interest. In order for you to do all of these, I call for a harmonious alliance between the respective Punong Barangay and its council to ensure that government services to the constituents will not be hampered,” the chief executive remarked.

Odsey again assured the support of the chief executive and the Sangguniang Bayan to the elected barangay officials. He said that the progress and development of one barangay reflects how the municipality is moving forward.

The mayor also highlighted having faith and seeking guidance from the Almighty as it strengthens one’s will in facing challenges especially in solving problems in the community.

“Being a public official is not easy. You will be dealing with all your constituents with diverse attitude. There will be times that you will feel bad. Despite this, pray and seek guidance from the Almighty; you will be strengthened,” Odsey added.

Meanwhile, Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO) Jill F. Fa-ed related the messages of Mayor Odsey and Vice Mayor Kabluyen to the campaign slogan of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) which is “Matino, Mahusay at Maaasahan”- traits which every elected barangay official must possess and uphold as it calls for good governance through honest, efficient and reliable public service.

The new set of barangay officials will assume office in the afternoon of June 30.

By Alpine L.Killa