BIR-CAR tells taxpayers to file returns


BAGUIO CITY April 10 – The Cordillera office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR-CAR) advised taxpayers to still visit the nearest revenue district offices in their respective areas to file their returns in order for them not to be late in filing their returns before the April 15 deadline.

Lawyer Reynolf Panganiban, assistant revenue district officer of Baguio city, cited while the newest Revised Memorandum circular mandates all taxpayers to file on-line, the possibility of the agency’s system being overwhelmed is likely within the remaining days before the deadline, thus, the need for taxpayers to still visit the nearest revenue district offices for their filing of tax returns.

Panganiban disclosed taxpayers are still advised to visit the nearest revenue district offices in their places for them to fill up the required forms and for their designated personnel to assist them in filling their returns on-line and the filling of attachments with the concerned offices of the bureau.

“The on-line filing of tax returns is part of the bureau’s campaign to empower the public to register, pay and file their returns and contribute in the government’s efforts to collect the right taxes from the taxpayers,” Panganiban stressed.

According to him, the on-line filing of tax returns was already implemented in 2012 but the public was not able to embrace the new system of filing and now that it is being fully implemented, it is causing some problems and inconveniences among a number of taxpayers.

Panganiban revealed no instructions was issued by Commissioner Kim Jacinto Ynares for a possible extension on the April 15 deadline that is why their office will close at 5 pm of April 15 and taxpayers who will be late in filing their tax returns will be imposed the required surcharges and penalties.

He cited their office had set up tents outside the Baguio revenue district office and extended their services in the parking area so that they will be able to cater to the increasing number of taxpayers wanting to file their tax returns early and avoid overcrowding during the prescribed deadline on April 15.

He called on taxpayers to immediately file their tax returns on time and avoid falling in line during the last minute and for them not to contribute in confusions on the last day of filing their tax returns.

Earlier, the BIR issued a new Revenue Memorandum Circular mandating all taxpayers to file their tax returns on-line and that those with attachments are required to personally visit the nearest revenue district offices and file the attachments of their returns with the concerned personnel.

While it is true that the on-line filing of tax returns is beneficial to the bureau and the taxpayers, Panganiban cited that their system has been encountering over congestions that is why it is still best for the taxpayers to fill up their forms and seek the assistance of BIR personnel in the on-line filing considering that they were already trained to do so.

Panganiban appealed for understanding among taxpayers who will be caught in long lines in the different revenue district offices due to the last-minute filing of tax returns because the bureau is doing everything to ease the burden of taxpayers in filing their returns.

By Dexter A. See