Best Performing Micro, Small Cooperatives in Tabuk Recognized

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – On November 6, the city government of Tabuk through the City Cooperatives Enterprise and Livelihood Development Office (CCELDO) recognized the best performing micro and small cooperatives in the city for gaining significant growth in membership size and total assets, and for showing great concern for the community in 2020.

In his message before the awarding ceremony, Atty. Reyman Solbita, City Cooperative Development Council (CCDC) chairperson, lauded the significant accomplishments of the different cooperatives in the city during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as supplying cash aid to members and various donations to other institutions.

He also recognized the CCDC for donating a “kubo” at the isolation area in Barangay Agbannawag and the tree planting activities held at barangays Tuga and Bulo.

For the micro category, St. Anselm Credit Cooperative got first place. At the same time, Rang-ay Sandigan Credit Cooperative, Balansi Uddoc Credit Cooperative, Coop for Christ Kalinga Multipurpose Cooperative, and Mabaca Balbalan Marketing Cooperative settled on the second, third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

For the small category, Northern Luzon Diocesan Employees Multipurpose Cooperative bagged the first place, Binongsay Malin-awa Savings and Loan Cooperative, Ipasil Credit Cooperative, Lubo-Based Guin-awa Credit Cooperative, and Northlandia Transport Services Multipurpose Cooperative on the second, third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

The top five winners received P70,000.00, P60,000.00, P50,000.00, P30,000.00 and P20,000.00 cash incentive and plaque of appreciation, while P10,000.00 and certificate of appreciation for Pur Credit Cooperative and Kalinga Transport Services Development Cooperative for being the non-winners in the micro category and St. Andrew Credit Cooperative, Guimpong Credit Cooperative and United Church of Christ Dagupan Multipurpose Cooperative for the small class.

According to Melvin Banggolay, the CCELDO based the selection of the top five winners on the following criteria: compliance to regulatory bodies and laws 5 percent, community and social impact (15 percent, economic growth and financial stability (30 percent, developmental programs and services (15 percent and organization and management governance (35 percent.

The panel of evaluators was Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative (TAMPCO) chief executive officer (CEO) Elmerli Colangan; Rolando Carbonel, CEO of St. Thomas Credit Cooperative (STCC); BIBAK Multipurpose Cooperative (BIBAKMPC) board of director Norfredo Dulay; Gloria Busaing, bookkeeper for Tabuk Municipal Officials and Employees Multipurpose Cooperative (TMOEMPC); Engr. Jeffrey Pasikan from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)- Kalinga; and Holy Trinity Cathedral Multipurpose Cooperative (HTCMPC) manager Graciana Tombaga.

The cooperatives also received special awards for their exemplary performance in 2019. For large cooperatives, such as TAMPCO (highest employment generation with 85 employees), BIBAK MPC (lowest delinquency ratio of 23 percent, STCC (highest increase in total share capital of 37.42 percent, highest asset efficiency ratio of 8.59 percent and the highest percentage in total assets of 28.3 percent, Provincial Engineering Office personnel Multipurpose Cooperative (highest percentage of increase of membership growth of 28.49 percent, highest solvency ratio of 25.5 percent, the highest rate of percentage refund of 23.39 percent, highest tax and license paid amounting to P166,742.00).

For medium cooperatives, Tabuk OFW- Kabayan Cooperative (highest tax and license amounting to P166,742.00), St. Joseph Multipurpose Cooperative (highest employment generation with ten employees), Bulanao Multipurpose Cooperative (highest percentage increase in membership of 67.72 percent, HTCMPC (highest percentage increase in a total asset of 96.94 percent, Ambigatton Multipurpose Cooperative (highest percentage of patronage refund of 42.20 percent and highest asset efficiency ratio of 12.64 percent, TMOEMPC (highest solvency ratio of 339.93 percent, the highest percentage increase in the total share capital of 46.43 percent, lowest delinquency ratio of 1.47 percent, the highest rate of interest to capital (dividend) of 12.50 percent and Treasure Link Cooperative Society (highest donor to the CCDC with one unit of “kubo”)

The occasion also recognized the top three cooperatives for their “bayanihan” efforts for giving cash aid to members and hygiene kits for Covid-19 frontline workers.

Recognized were the TAMPCO for donating P7,110,499.99, Tabuk Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative for P1,983,200.00 donation, and STCC for giving P1,646,000.00.

For efforts in extending assistance to members and community during the Covid-19 pandemic, Cooperative Development Authority- CAR recognized the following cooperatives: Sunrise Credit Cooperative, Tabuk City Police Station credit Cooperative, Riverside Multipurpose Cooperative, Matagoan Agriculture Cooperative, Laya East Agriculture Cooperative, Kibnay Credit Cooperative, Kalinga Provincial Cooperative Union, Kalinga OFW Agriculture Cooperative, KAELCO Employees Credit Cooperative, Gado Credit Cooperative, First Level Court Employees Credit Cooperative, Federation of Cooperatives in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Luzon, Bulo RIC-KALIPI Credit Cooperative, Cabaruan Multipurpose Cooperative, Challengers Agriculture Cooperative, Dakaran Credit Cooperative, Daram Cudal Multipurpose Cooperative.

The event held at Last Vegas Hotel, in Barangay Dagupan Weste, culminated this year’s celebration of the Cooperative Month with the theme “Amidst the Pandemic, Stand for Resiliency, Strive for Sustainability.” By Darwin S. Serion