Benguet celebrates Women’s Month: ‘Babae ako, hindi babae lang’

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Yearly, the month of March serves as a lamp post for every women in the world to be unified and remember the struggles of women in history and march on towards empowerment as they cement their roles in the society.

Covered with the fragrance of comfort and potentials, women are pivotal in shaping social development.

Women serve as active contributors and claim holders in different fields in the society. Empowering them is a necessity for today’s era given that they are almost half of the population. This is also anchored on the commitment of “Malasakit at Pagbabago” or True Compassion and Real Change during the National Women’s Month 2022.

“Our women contribute significantly to the growth of our economy and to the strengthening of family bonds,” expressed Melchor D. Diclas, Benguet provincial governor, during the kick off program of the Women’s Month Celebration led by the Cordillera Regional Gender and Development Committee (CRGDC) at the Cordillera office of the Department of Education.

Diclas ensured the provincial government’s continuous support to policies, programs, and institutions that forward women empowerment towards a progressive, sustainable, and safe for every iBenguet. 

Moreover, Roli Wakit, a supporter of women empowerment, said that celebrating women’s month is giving women the tribute, honor, recognition, and acknowledgment for their strengths and great contributions in the success and triumphs of our community.

“You see, ‘man’ without ‘woman’ is nothing. Remove the word ‘wo’ in the word ‘woman’, it makes ‘man’ incomplete. 

“Woman are assets in our community. They are the sources of inspiration, encouragement to do better, appreciation, leadership, love, and empathy. They are gift from God,” emphasized Wakit.

In Benguet State University, as part of the Women’s Month Celebration, the University Guidance and Counseling Unit conducted activities such as creative story writing contest with the theme “Babae ako, Hindi Babae lang” and showcasing stories that highlight personal victories, healthy relationships, and breaking free from toxic relationships.

These series of activities showcased the importance of women empowerment to the socio‐economic development of families, communities, and countries. 

“Women contribute their full potential to the workforce and raise happier and healthier children when they live in a safe, contented, and productive environment,” stressed Leilanie Ediong, teacher and a mother.

She added: “Before, I lack self-confidence. I do not see myself as an empowered individual.

However, after graduating in college, having my license and being employed, my outlook changed. It was on that moment that I felt empowered,” 

“Celebrating women’s month brings me closer to understand my abilities, and my role as a woman hindi babae lang,” added  Jomariz Tomas, BS Development Communication IV student.

In connection, Tomas highlighted that women’s month reminds her of women being in power and how the bible describes women quoting in Proverbs 31, “Women is not a model of perfect woman. She is the model of a committed woman under God.”

Indeed, people at present can see how women are being empowered and reflects how equity is being achieved. Equal opportunities and chances in terms of employment, leadership, and education. 

“I found my voice to share the significance of holding on to your dream and having faith in God that He could turn that dream into reality, not because I wear glasses but because I wear skirt,” ended Ediong. By Judea Ballagan