Benguet caretaker offers reward for suspects in death of attendant

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Benguet Caretaker Congressman and Anti-Crime and Terrorism through Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) Party-list Rep. Eric Yap offered a P100,000 cash reward on who will be able to provide the vital information that will lead to the identity of the suspects behind the untimely demise of a Christine Angelica Dacera, a flight attendant, for them to be able to be brought to justice.

Yap, who is the ACT-CIS second nominee and chair of the House Committee on Appropriations, stated that he strongly condemns the way that the attendant died, thus, the need for the possible suspects to be brought to justice for them to answer for the crime being accused against them.

He pointed out that he is drawing his desire for the immediate resolution of the crime from his previous experience in the case of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Atok, Benguet who suspiciously died in her work place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) several months ago.

Congressman Yap claimed that in the case of Elreen Sano Banisa, a native of Km. 24, Caliking, Atok, Benguet, who suspiciously died in UAE after staying there for over 6 years, it was difficult to intervene in the investigation of the crime that was committed against her because the authorities in the foreign land will surely favour their countrymen who committed the crime.

The caretaker congressman worked for the immediate repatriation of the remains of the OFW and called on the UAE consulate office to continue following up the conduct of the investigation on the real cause of death of the Benguet native as the same remains to be unresolved even if she was given a decent burial by her family.

The solon also assured the family that he will shoulder the education of the OFW’s young daughter up to college for her to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor and as a living memory for Banisa desire to give her family improved living conditions.

However, in the Dacera case, the lawmaker asserted that the suspects are right here in the country that is why it will be easier for the investigators to locate their whereabouts, especially with the appropriate information that will be provided by the informers that will lead to the identity of the suspects, thus, the offering of the cash reward to allow the public to be involved in the solution of high profile and simple crimes being committed in the various parts of the country.

The flight attendant was reportedly found dead in the bath tab of a hotel where she and her colleagues checked in to celebrate the New Year.

Yap emphasized that one of the thrusts of the ACT-CIS Party-list is to help curb the proliferation of crimes in the country that tend to affect the business climate, thus, the need for the government to be aggressive in the implementation of anti-crime and anti-terrorism strategies for the achievement of lasting peace that will serve as one of the major factors in improving investor confidence in different parts of the country.

He stipulated that he is after the immediate solution of the crime and for the suspects to be charged and no other else contrary to what is being alleged by his critics. By HENT