Benguet and Baguio solemnizing officers told to renew registration

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Philippine Statistics Authority Benguet Provincial Statistical Office advices Solemnizing Officers (SOs) from any religion or religious sect assigned to a church within the province of Benguet including Baguio City to acquire or renew their Certificate of Registration of Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM) License.

The Philippine Statistics Authority Benguet Provincial Statistical Office (PSA-Benguet) would like to remind all solemnizing officers from different religion and religious sects who are assigned within Baguio City and Benguet to apply or renew their Certificate of Registration Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM) license.

Under Administrative Order No. 1, Series of 2007, PSA is task to implement the rules and regulations governing the procedures in the Registration of the Authority to Solemnize Marriage of Solemnizing Officers. The said administrative order enumerated the following persons to apply like Bishops, Heads/Founders of religions or religious sect, Priests, Imams, Tribal Heads/Leaders/Chieftains and other religious Ministers or Pastors.

Consequently, under Executive Order No. 209 or the Family Code of the Philippines iterates that marriages under religion or religious ceremony requires the valid authority of the solemnizing officer registered with the Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG).

Timely renewal of CRASM license enables the solemnizing officer to have the authority to solemnize marriage for a period of 3 years in normal circumstances, this may be less for resident aliens who are also holders of CRASM license, where the validity period depends on their length of stay here in the Philippines as stated in their Alien Certificate of Registration Identification card (ACR I-card). CRASM license that expires on the last day of the expiring year are accepted for renewal starting on the first day of the last quarter.

Thus, for these cases the SOs are encouraged to file for renewal this coming October 1, 2021, this prevents congestion of application for renewal while facilitating the renewal of SOs who are scheduled to solemnize on the first week of the incoming year.

Regarding SOs whose CRASM license expired last year 2020, the validity period for their license when renewed will depend on the date of submission. This is a case of delayed renewal, therefore, has less than the regular 3-year validity period. Considering the current 3/F Unique Printing Press, 27 Legarda Road., cor. M.H. del Pilar, Legarda-Burnham, Baguio City 2600 Telephone (074) 246-8104 • Telefax: (074) 620-5516 Email address: COVID 19 pandemic, SOs are advised wear their proper personal protective equipment when visiting the office and include the complete preparation of necessary required documents. Solemnizing officers who cannot visit the office personally due to health or other issues, are recommended to communicate with the office via the official email address or through the official landlines (074) 246-8104 or (074) 620-5516.

The office personnel tasked to screen and verify the CRASM applications is Registration Officer I Tagaban C. Aquino. One documentary requirement that is thoroughly checked is the

Endorsement/Recommendation Letter. Thus, to prevent feedback and return of the said requirement for compliance, the following information should be included:  Proper addressee; full name of the applicant solemnizing officer; complete residential address; name and address of the church assignment; and the extent of his territorial jurisdiction.

As to the jurisdiction of the SO, this is determined by the endorsing officer of the religion or religious sect. For the head of religion or religious sect then he/she will be endorsed by the Board of Trustees/Directors. As for regular members of the organization then he/she will be endorsed by the head of the said organization. Religion or religious sects that are

corporation sole, the endorsement of their head will be executed via an affidavit, or if there

is a set of officers such as church council or council of elders then it can also be accepted.

The exception comes when there is a specific endorsing officer stated in the organizational By-Laws. When the application for new applicant or renewal of CRASM license in the office is accepted and endorsed to the regional office, the focal person will notify the said SO of the availability of his/her CRASM license. The release of the said CRASM license is within 3 to 5 working days depending on the presence of the authorized signatories.