Bauko Councilor Sili is PCL MP chapter head


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BAUKO, Mountain Province  – Councilor Ashley T. Sili was formally elected as the new president of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) Mountain Province chapter for the term 2019-2022.

Sili, a 2-term councillor of this municipality, was overwhelmingly voted upon by the members of the PCL from the ten towns of Mountain Province to be the next head of the prestigious organization of local legislators.

“I am grateful to my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to lead our group with the hope that all local legislators will help in working out a closer working relationship among local officials of the different municipalities for us to be able to advance our own advocacies, programs and projects for the development of the whole province,” Councilor Sili stressed.

The municipal councillor disclosed that part of the priority programs of the organization is to ensure the continuing education of local legislators for them to be updated on the latest trends of local legislations and the programs, projects and activities that should be undertaken in their own municipalities for them to be able to provide the necessary inputs as legislators.

Further, Councilor Sili assured that there will be constant consultations that will be done with his counterparts in the other provinces in the region so that local legislators will be able to craft the appropriate programs, projects and activities where they will be able to help in advancing regional issues to the grassroots level, particularly the region’s renewed quest for autonomy.

He expressed his gratitude to his fellow local legislators from the different municipalities of the province for bestowing their trust and confidence to him as their next leader and that he assured them that he will perform his duties and responsibilities with utmost sincerity and dedication to advance the greater interest of local legislators in the field of public service.

According to him, all PCL members will be welcome to provide their suggestions and recommendations on what will be the appropriate programs, projects and activities that will be pursued by the organization so that they will be further molded to become responsive local legislators who will be able to pass resolutions and ordinances that will advance the greater interest of their constituents.

The other officers of the PCL Mountain Province chapter are Paracelis Councilor Ruben T. Vicente – Vice President, Tadian Councilor Texter Jack L. Taclobao – Secretry, Bontoc Councilor Viola P. Okko, Bauko Councilor Labor M. Masidum, Bontoc Councilor Alsannyster F. Patingan – Public Relations Officer and Sagada Councilor Paul S. Domoguen – Business Manager.

The members of the board of Directors are Besao Councilr Bryne O. Bacwaden, Sagada Councilor Ruben P. Atiwen, Besao Councilor John M. Antiyag, Bontoc Councilor John T. Pelew, Barlig Councilor Benjamin G. Sapguian, Besao Councilor Joel D. Lacsigen, Beso Councilor Dennis L. Bing-il and Paracelis Councilor Marcelo T. Ambatali, Sr..

On the other hand, the election of officers of the League of Municipal Mayors of the Philippines Mountain Province chapter will be held on September 5, 2019 in Bontoc, Mountain Province.