Barlig conducted own Tourism Planning Workshop


Sunset at the tip of Mt. Amuyao amidst the sea of clouds. Photo by Roger Sacyaten.

BARLIG, Mountain Province – This eastern town conducted its own version of tourism planning workshop on May 30-31, 2018 at Chupac, Kadaclan, Barlig.

Tourism planning is necessary before the town embarks on tourism development and promotion. The town is a host to various tourism attractions such as waterfalls, rice terraces, hot springs, caves and lakes. Mount Amuyao hovers all as the highest mountain peak and is being frequented by many tourists.

Genesis Changilan, the town’s chief executive, said that the planning would further enhance the town’s efforts at tourism promotion. “I hope this would lead to more tourists visiting our place”, he said.

The participants will be oriented on the Basic Tourism Awareness concepts, Municipal Tourism Situationer, and the Municipal Tourism Profile which data are needed in the planning workshop.

Tyronne Lawey, a staff at the Provincial Tourism Office, mainly catered the workshop starting off with profiling the municipal tourism industry to the conduct of value chain analysis on tourism and the workshop proper.

The tourism planning workshop started in Paracelis in April 26-27, 2018 and it will be conducted in all the ten municipalities with the schedule depending on the dates chosen by each municipality.

It is very much expected that participants will be the newly elected barangay officials as well as stakeholders in the government and private sector.

For the first time in the history of the town, tourism stakeholders convened to look for ways to make tourism in the town viable and sustainable in the years to come.

Mayor Changilan issued an executive order last month stopping the Batad to Mt. Amuyao traverse due to unabated garbage woes.

It was reported that guides and tourists going to Mt. Amuyao via the Batad-Cambulo trail do not register at the municipal tourism information center and thus, do not pay corresponding environmental fees.

They were reportedly the ones who leave trash and garbage at the summit of the mountain as they return via the same route.

A new trekking route was established from Mount Amuyao to Kadaclan through the hunters trail that takes 4 hours hike.

By: Roger Sacyaten