Banaue puts up own water district


BANAUE, Ifugao – Mayor Jerry Dalipog said the newly established local water district will be operational soon in order to ensure the abundant supply of potable water for local residents and visitors for the whole year.

He cited the establishment of the local water district was conceptualized over five years ago and it started with initial investments from the local government through its local development fund.

“The operation of our water district will initially start with some 500 consumers with the provision of expansion in the different barangays in order to generate more consumers that will sustain its operation,” Dalipog stressed.

The local chief executive explained he was able to secure a funding of P20 million from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and another P20 million from the Department of Tourism (DOT) in order to establish the important pipelines to operationalize the put up of the newest water district in the Cordillera.

According to Mayor Dalipog, the P20 million from the DPWH was already used up for the put up of the main laterals of the pipelines while the P20 million from the DOT was utilized for the connections of the consumers from the main pipelines to the secondary laterals.

In relation to the town’s water source, Dalipog said their identified water source at Sumigar is capable of producing abundant water supply for the locality with a minimum water output of 15 litters per second but it has been projected to increase with the onset of the rainy season.

He pointed out the local government wants to ensure there will be stable water supply not only for the residents but also for the tourists because it is one of the major needs of people.

Dalipog said the water district will be self-liquidating in order to allow its continuous operations with its fees and charges regulated by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) which already passed upon its initial operation.

He cited the local water district will have its own set of board of directors, management and staff and that it will operate independently from the local government in order to guarantee people with sufficient supply of [potable water, especially with the rapid growth of tourists, both foreign and local.

Mayor Dalipog said the local government will continue to establish appropriate linkages with concerned government agencies and possible private partners to make all households connected to the water district and achieve its objectives of making the locality a water source of other nearby municipalities in the province.

“We have to cater to the major needs of our residents and visitors, especially potable water, so that they will have some good stories to tell to future visitors of the famous Ifugao rice terraces,” Mayor Dalipog said.

He appealed to local residents to make sure that they patronize the operation of their own water district by having their houses avail of the water connections in order to have their consumptions metered for the benefit of regulated use of water in the municipality in order to maximize available sources of potable water for the present and future generations.

By Dexter A. See