Baguio to spend P18 million for Irisan eco park


BAGUIO CITY  – The local government will be setting aside P18 million to bankroll the programmed conversion of a portion of the 5-2-hectare Irisan closed dumpsite to an eco-park probably by the last quarter of next year or by the first quarter of 2021.

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong said that based on the latest developments being done in the closed dumpsite that currently hosts the operation of the 2 Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machines, the proposed conversion of the closed dumpsite to an eco-park could be achieved by the 4th quarter of next year pursuant to the previous commitment of the local government to the National Solid Waste Commission (NSWMC).

He disclosed that Rapport Innovations, the local government’s partner in the production of compost fertilizer, was able to work out the required repairs to the damaged ERS machines that is why quality compost is now being produced which will be sold by the same company to the potential market after purchasing the same from the city.

The local chief executive gave the company at the most one year to be able to convert the stockpiled over 40,000 cubic meters of raw compost in the area to compost fertilizer so that the local government will be able to work on the appropriate land development and the eventual conversion of the area into an eco-park.

Aside from converting the portion of the former dumpsite to an eco-park, the local government will also be relocating some 11 recyclable material volunteers from the Irisan area to the current site of the city’s temporary waste transfer station along Marcos highway to help in clearing the area for the better appreciation of the proposed eco park.

City General Services officer Eugene Buyucan claimed that the request for funding and the plans and specifications of the proposed conversion of a portion of the Irisan dumpsite will be submitted to the local legislative body anytime for approval prior to its implementation pursuant to existing laws, rules and regulations.

He added that the appropriate documents will be immediately transmitted to the local legislative body as soon as the city mayor will sign the same for the needed action of the council on one of the local government’s priority project.

Buyucan stated that the proposed eco park will be an added tourist attraction in the city once the same will be completed within the prescribed deadline imposed by the city mayor to the concerned offices of the local government.

The City General Services officer disclosed that the 2 ERS machines will be able to process a maximum of 50 tons of biodegradable waste to compost fertilizer daily that will greatly help in re-processing the stockpiled raw compost in the area until such time that the appropriate land development could be implemented for the realization of the proposed eco park.

The conversion of the former Irisan dumpsite into an eco-park is part of the commitment of the local government to the Court of Appeals (CA) as an offshoot of the Temporary Environment Protection Order (TEPO) that was issued after the filing of an environment case against the city due to the tragic August 2012 translide that resulted to the untimely demise of innocent individuals living below the said closed dump facility.

By Dexter A. See
Photo by Rosalia T. See