Baguio schools urged to sustain conduct of Brigada Eskwela

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BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan urged the different public schools in the city to sustain, and even improve, the annual conduct of the week-long Brigada Eskwela or the National School Maintenance Week to ensure readiness of the schools in time for the opening of classes by the first week of June each year.

The local chief executive expressed his appreciation over the increasing number of participants in the annual conduct of the Brigada Eskwela in the different schools around the city showing how parents value the importance of the readiness of the schools for their children.

“We hope that the annual conduct of the National Schools Maintenance Week will further improve in the coming years for individuals and groups to extend assistance for their desired schools to be ready in time for the scheduled opening of classes every first week of June each year,”  Domogan stressed.

He added the city government  institutionalized its annual support to the conduct of the Brigada Eskwela with the passage of the ordinance appropriating the amount of P1.5 million from the city coffers to be equally distributed among the different schools in the form of materials for conduct of the activities for the week-long event sanctioned by the education department.

According to him, the voluntarism being shown by the increasing number of individuals and groups to the Brigada Eskwela only shows how people value the importance of having a conducive learning environment in enhancing the basic educational foundation of the youth for them to excel in their chosen fields of profession in the future.

The week-long Brigada Eskwela started last May 20 and ended on May 24, 2019 where stakeholders in the city actively jointed in the annual event with the education department at the helm.

Domogan expressed his appreciation to the people who continue to voluntarily support the annual conduct of the Brigada Eskwela activities even if their children already graduated from the schools as a show of concern for the welfare of the children wanting to complete their basic education from the public schools in the different parts of the city.

Earlier, the education department scheduled the week-long Brigade Eskwela in all public schools in the country to ensure the preparedness and readiness of all the schools right in time for the opening of classes every first week of June as mandated under existing laws, rules and regulations.

The mayor also commended professionals who volunteer their services to the different schools saying that people who have the heart to serve will be rewarded by the Almighty Father with blessings so they could continue to share to the need their services not only in the schools but also in other areas of the city that need similar services.

By Dexter A. See